India is seeing a steep rise in the coronavirus cases and has recorded more than 12000 cases so far with 414 confirmed deaths. The coronavirus cases curve in India is much steeper than some other countries such as Singapore and South Korea. Even though the country is in the complete lockdown for more than 2 weeks, it hasn’t been that effective as many people were seen travelling around from place to place.

With the lockdown ending on 15th April, there has been many speculations about how the country will cope up after the lockdown ends, how the government will be working on containing the disease and with all the business stopped, what measures will be taken up by the state governments to boost economy.

will lockdown extend india

The disease has spread widely in different corners of the country, especially after people attended Tablighi Jamaat meet in New Delhi. Even with required precautions taken by different state governments, it’s been tough to track down all the people who had attended the event. Since the incidence came to light, officials have tracked down up to 11,000 people including primary and secondary contacts of those who attended Jamaat event. Everyone who has mild symptoms of Covid-19 are being home quarantined and officials as well as movie and sports stars are promoting self-isolation and social distancing so that the disease is contained.

As per the official reports its difficult if the lockdown is not continued as many people will end up in the streets which in turn can spread the disease vastly. Even though the Indian government has given official statement that the disease hasn’t yet reached phase 3, but there are cases where people with no travel history to any of the affected countries have developed the symptoms of Covid-19. Some of the states such as Uttar Pradesh, Telangana has mulled about increasing the lockdown till June if the situation doesn’t improve.

lockdown extended in karnataka

As per the reports regarding the damages to the economy, India has been reeling on its worst employment rate it has ever recorded. Even Indian rupee is at its worst against US dollar. As almost all the companies are either closed or asking their employees to work from home, there’s very less chances of improving the economy and even hiring new people for jobs. Goldman Sachs, a global investment firm has predicted that India’s GDP growth this fiscal is as low as 1.6 per cent. This is the lowest ever record of India’s GDP growth. Weak consumer demand, fall of Indian markets, lower investment rates are some of the factors that’s affecting India’s economy right now. Former RBI governor, Raghuram Rajan has termed India’s current economic situation as its worst since Independence. Some economic experts feel that even Indian government’s efforts to bail out won’t be much of help as it’s already entered recession period.

With so many aspects to focus on, all the eyes are on Narendra Modi’s government on how India will face this tough challenge and how well India can come back from slumping economy.


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