priest rapes girl

A Catholic Church priest who was arrested and sent to jail for raping a minor girl in 2017 is now seeking bail so that he could marry the girl. The priest whose name is Robin Vadakkumchery was arrested after the girl gave birth to a baby. The girl reported that she was repeatedly raped by the father when she was just 16 years old in 2017. The girl was a student at the school that was attached to the Church where Robin Vadakkumchery was a priest.

After Robin was found guilty, he was sentenced for 20 years of jail and was slapped with a fine of 200,000 rupees under POSCO act. The priest who is now 54 years old has moved to Kerala High Court requesting bail so that he could marry the girl and take care of their child. He has also pleaded to temporarily suspend his jail sentence for two months so that he can solemnise his marriage.

Even the parents of the girl have signed the petition with Robin Vadakkumchery requesting bail so that he could marry their daughter. The baby of the survivor and the priest has been taken care of in an orphanage under the supervision of the Children Welfare Committee. The child was disowned by the survivor and her parents after its birth. Since then, the Children Welfare Committee is taking care of the child.

This case was one of the biggest cases in Kerala in 2017 as many of the witnesses including the parents and the survivor turned hostile. The case came to light when the girl was giving birth secretively and the father of the girl was arrested. He later confessed that he was the one who raped his daughter. But after the investigation went further, he refused that it wasn’t him but the father of the church who had raped his daughter. Later, even the girl backed out saying that they had consensual sex. But after the questioning continued she agreed that she was raped by the priest.

Later, after a brief time of the investigation, it was reported through a DNA test that Robin had raped the minor and he was sentenced to prison. After this case came to limelight, many sexual assaults and rapes at worshipping places came to light. As Robin has been dispensed from the priesthood by Pope himself, he wants to marry the girl and take care of the child.

But many of the activists are against his bail plea saying that this is just one of the ways to get rid of the charges and stay out of prison. The case will be heard in the Kerala High Court soon and the judgement will be passed.


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