ramjanmabhoomi is Buddhist place

After Nepal’s Prime Minister PM Oli said that Lord Ram belonged to Nepal and not Ayodhya, a few Buddhist monks began fasting near Ram Janmabhoomi claiming that it is a Buddhist site.

These Buddhist monks say that as many Buddhist statues and Buddhist symbols were found while levelling the place and all these remains belonged to the Buddhist era. They exclaim that this is the proof that Ram Janmabhoomi in Ayodhya is a Buddhist site. They also want UNESCO to take part in the excavation for the construction of Ram temple to stop it.

“The remains are a symbol of proof that Ayodhya was a Buddhist city of Saket which was built as respect in memory of a Buddhist sage Lomash Rishi,” say the Buddhist monks. These Buddhist monks belong to All India Azad Buddhist Dhamma Army.

All India Azad Buddhist Dhamma chief doesn’t want the government to go ahead with the construction of the temple. He also said that he and his followers will continue to fast till they stop the construction work.

Last year in November, the Supreme Court gave the final judgement to permit the construction of Ram Temple in Ram Janmabhoomi. The judgement was historical as the case was in the Supre Court for over 20 years. Ram Janmabhoomi has led to a lot of communal conflict and violence between Hindus and Muslims.

With the historical judgement, both the parties came to terms and the case ended peacefully. Ram Janmabhoomi case was one of the longest cases in the Supreme Court’s history.

Recently, Nepal’s Prime Minister Oli created a controversy saying that Ram was a Nepali and belonged to Nepal, not Ayodhya.


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