The world is changing. Almost everything is polluted, from drinking water to the food we eat. There are many factors that are causing this rapid change, especially plastics. Plastics are one of the few things that are non-degradable. With the plastics playing a major role in the contamination of the environment, many governments are banning the use of single-use plastic including India. With the focus on saving the environment, many countries are promoting the use of degradable and eco-friendly items that does not harm the environment. The Indian government has implemented many rules to reduce plastic production and have more focus on the development of eco-friendly products. Many companies and start-ups have focused on production of biodegradable goods which has many positives including them being environment-friendly. Let’s look at some of the brands that sell eco-friendly products.

  1. Zouk
Eco friendly

Among the homegrown start-ups which sell eco-friendly products, Zouk is the best brand so far. Zouk is 100 per cent vegan brand that sells handcrafted and multi-functional variants of bags. Zouk highlights the rich Indian culture which was the main reason that Zouk was created by its founder, Disha. Disha wants Zouk to be one of the best fashion brands that sell only vegan and eco-friendly products.

  1. Munio Home
Eco - friendly handmade products
Munio Home India

Munio Home is owned by Babita Bajaj who wants to bring out a complete eco-friendly set up for Indian kitchens. Munio Home is the best place to buy some eco-friendly products for the kitchen. Munio Home sells homewares designed by renowned architect, Zane Tetere. Munio Home sells different products of exclusive designs made out of clay, glass, linen. Munio Home sells all kinds of kitchenwares that are very exclusive.

  1. Arture
Handmade products

Arture is another Indian brand which is creating influence among eco-friendly products section. Arture makes and sells wallets and card cases that are vogue with new designs. Arture was one of very few Indian brands that had made its way to feature in magazines and newspapers such as The Hindu, Vogue, India Today, Home Grown and PETA. What makes Arture’s products unique is that their products are waterproof and also lightweight. Arture products are made of cork, which is obtained from the bark of a tree called Quercus suber. Other unique features of Arture are that they recycle their products once they get old and they provide customers with an extra 20 per cent off on their new products after the old product is returned.

  1. Goli Soda
eco products

Not only having a cheeky eye-catching name, Goli Soda is upbringing the sustainability to its peak. Goli Soda sells products that are made from upcycled and re-used things. Goli Soda is different than all other eco-friendly companies because they focus on upcycling more than recycling. Upcycling is highly effective in creating sustainable products. Shruthi Harihara Subramanyan is the woman behind the idea of Goli Soda who wants to be part of the world in making a better place to live. Goli Soda sells various products such as artificial jewellery, homewares, cutlery, wall decorations, diapers, toys, blankets, bags, stationeries and much more.

  1. Wallistry

Wallistry is a start-up that is very similar to Munio Home. Wallistry plans to have a bigger share in the world of sustainable products. Wallistry products are made of terracotta clay, wood and ceramics and their list of products include stationery products, tableware and cutlery. Founders, Anjanakshi and Soundaryan started Wallistry as a product designing company. But their need to create a better world pushed them further to create their own set of sustainable products. The founders are proud of their company and their products which is making an effort to make the world a better place.


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