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Movies are something which we can’t stop watching. There are different genres of movies that entertains people of different interests. Movies depicts stories that are capable of bringing a change in us. There are so many movies that gives motivation that is required for life. With nothing to do around and being lazy all day during this quarantine, some of the movies can surely motivate us to do something better. Here are some of the motivational movies that can keep you motivated during quarantine.

The Pursuit of Happyness

must watch english movies
Will Smith – The Pursuit of Happiness

A movie that shows that no matter how bad the times are you just keep moving till you reach the point of happiness. This movie is a real life story of a stock broker named Chris Gardener who struggled being homeless with a kid before he became a stock broker. The movie shows all the real life struggles that a person can go through but with patience and hard work we all can succeed. The Pursuit of Happyness shows you happiness just doesn’t come for free without struggle.

Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind

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Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind is a movie for couples who doesn’t appreciate each other’s presence. This movie is a science fiction romance where the couple break up and they undergo treatment to erase memory of each other. The movie throws light on troubles that young couples face when they are together. You might just change opinion about your partner and even appreciate them for their presence once you watch the movie. 


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UP – Disney

Who says animation movies are just for kids and adults doesn’t learn anything from them. Up is a movie by Disney that revolves around the life of a man who had dreamt of living in a paradise with his wife. But life takes different route as they grow old and forget about their dream and eventually his wife dies. Once the man realizes about his forgotten dream, he struggles through the tough times and eventually reaching the paradise as per his and his wife’s wish. The movie shows something that every couple dream of, growing old together. Up is a must watch for couples who just can’t get enough of their partner.


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Another real life story that gives a rush to dream bigger. The story revolves around two formula one racers named Ethan Hunt and Nikki Lauda whose rivalry to win Formula One Championship takes them to the verge of death. The story brings out the commitment for what we love and the friendship within the rivalry that makes one’s life much better. Nikki Lauda meets with an accident during the race and undergoes severe burns to the face and lungs. His enmity with Ethan Hunt and his commitment for racing brings him back to the track within 2 months and ends up in second position in Championship rankings. Rush is a must watch for someone who’s finding it difficult to commit to their work.


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Considered as one of the greatest movies of all time, Rocky can never get old. The movie gave us one of the famous action superstar Sylvester Stallion. This was his first movie for which he’s earned several recognitions. The movie teaches you one thing. Never Give up. Story revolves around the boxer who gets a chance to fight with a big time professional boxer. After Rocky loses the match he trains hard and comes back strongly to win the match against the same tough opponent. The movie is evergreen and is a must watch for everyone going through the tough times.

Into the Wild

english adventure movies

A simple yet an eye opener. The movie is a real life story of a young man who just graduated from college gives up everything and goes around travelling America. His life changing experiences along his journey is what makes the story so beautiful. He travels all around America and ends up in Alaska which changes his life’s journey. His notes written in his personal dairy along his journey is the inspiration of making this movie. Each and every one from young to old should watch the movie which makes them realise their life’s purpose.


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