All the people are very different from each other in this world. While some are very good and kind, some are very weird. Some of these weird people will do anything for their loved ones, like literally anything and everything. These people will go to any extreme for their loved ones, sometimes even giving up their life.

In such a similar case, a guy from Delhi hasn’t given up his life but has done something that everyone else might funny. This person has literally warned in his signboard saying that the parking space is saved for his girlfriend and if anyone else parks, their vehicle tires will be deflated.

The picture has gone viral in twitter and some people believe that it is a typical Delhi style of warning. Many have laughed out at the fact that the boyfriend has literally warned about deflating other’s tires. Some people were in awe of the fact that the boyfriend is taking so much care of his girlfriend. People who are very sensitive to grammatical mistakes pointed out the spelling mistake in a sign where the boyfriend misspelt the word deflated. Many congratulated the unknown girl for finding the perfect boyfriend in the world.

While all the dumb people thought that it was reserved for a girlfriend, only the intelligent ones found out the actual meaning of GF. Those who pointed out that GF actually means “ground floor”, couldn’t believe what they were seeing.


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