Fooled People By fake News UPSC Result

There was a lot of buzz about hard work and determination a few days ago when news came out that a bus conductor belonging to Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) had cleared Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) prelims exam which was conducted in June. He became viral and became an online sensation for his hard work and determination. He even boasted that he used to study 5 hours a day, before and after work. But turns out it was all a lie.

Bus conductor Madhu became a star as soon as the news came out. This news was published in Bangalore Mirror newspaper on 30th January 2020. Another news team named Logical Indian did a fact check on the news and accessed the data of the names who cleared UPSC prelims. After careful inspection, it was found out that conductor Madhu lied. There was no mention of the name Madhu among the names of people who have passed.

Madhu Nc UPSC Result
UPSC Result

Madhu was praised by everyone including his seniors from BMTC head office, who decided to train him for UPSC interview. Editor of Bangalore Mirror newspaper, Ravi Joshi tweeted that they received a piece of news that bus conductor Madhu lied during the interview and the roll number which he had given does not match with his name. They also mentioned that all the news related to him will be removed from their website and e papers. He also apologised for the false news that was published.

Even his seniors in BMTC couldn’t find out if Madhu lied about clearing his UPSC prelims. They even started to train him to crack his interview. UPSC exam is conducted by the central government to fill up vacancies of various civil services. There will be 2 rounds of exams, where the first one will be a written prelims exam and people who clear prelims will enter the next round of interview. Ones who clear interview get into different posts according to the marks obtained. UPSC is considered to be one of the toughest exams. More than lakhs of people write the exam and only thousands get to clear it.


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