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Just like maintaining physical fitness, mental fitness is also very important. Keeping the brain active is one of the best ways to keep oneself active. The brain is one of the organs that perform most of the important works that our body requires. Some of the important actions that a human brain performs are speech, memory, smell and all other factors that are required to make one successful.

There are many different activities that are suggested by many to improve the brain’s functions. But not all of them are backed by science. Here are some of the 5 ways you can strengthen your brain according to science.

Playing Chess

One of the most tactical games ever created was Chess. The game was invented in India by Kings to improve their tactics in a war and it got stuck with different generations. Many games have come and gone by but the reason Chess is still validated as the best tactical game is because of its brain-building activities. Chess pushes us to think in all the different ways and according to a study, Chess boosts the development of both sides of the brain. Chess helps in improving intelligence and the ability to process information quicker.

Writing a lot

Writing is a practice that not a lot of people want to do. But, not many know how writing can help their brains scientifically. Stress is one of the most common things that people of all ages experience. While some can manage stress, others can’t. People get more stressed and this will result in having bad effects on our body. According to a study, writing will help in reducing stress. Many psychologists suggest their patients maintain a book or a diary to write in it. This way, the person will let out the stress and keeps their mind free. Writing about anything that a person is facing such as mental trauma, health problems, problems in life, relationship issues and others will result in improved psychological as well as physical health.

Eating more Omega-3 rich food

Food is a very important fuel and different nutrients have different effects on our body. Just like calcium helps in keeping the bones stronger, protein helps in building muscles, Omega-3 rich foods helps in having a healthy and active brain. Omega-3 keeps our brain healthy by promoting neuron growth. This will result in Brain getting healthy and active. Foods such as fish, nuts, green vegetables, and plant-based oil are rich in Omega-3.

Keep dancing

We tend to dance when we are very happy or when no one’s around. Dancing can make us very happy but not only that, but dancing will also keep our brain healthy. Dancing will boost your self-confidence and overall cerebral health. According to a study, dancing helps our cognitive and perpetual abilities. It also helps us in making us productive and also keeps us happy by relieving stress.

Learning new language

Everyone might have heard about this, learning a new language will keep our brain active. That’s true and learning any language in the world will keep our brain’s muscles strong and also helps in having a strong memory. According to a study, people who knew more languages tend to have strong decision-making skills and could handle any kind of situation. There are thousands of languages in the world, so there’s no worry in choosing different options.


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