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There’s a saying that the children are human form of gods. Children are the happy pills that every adult needs in their life. Children have excelled in different fields apart from studies such as sports, acting, dance, singing and many more. On the occasion of children’s day, we have made a list of some of the best performances by child actors in the field of acting.

Darsheel Safary – Taare Zameen Par

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Taare Zameen Par is considered as one of the best movies of Amir Khan and also one of the best Hindi movies of 2000 era. The movie is about a child having dyslexia and how his teacher helps him to overcome his problem to do well in studies. Darsheel Safary is the child actor who acts like a kid with dyslexia has given his best performance. His acting was applauded by everyone and also the movie won a national award.

Dafne Keen – Logan

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Regarded as the best X-Men movie of all time, Logan introduced us to the new age wolverine who is just a kid. What spectators loved about the movie was not just the script but young wolverine’s acting. Dafne Keen who took over as X-23 and Logan’s daughter has done more than justice to her character. She was applauded for her acting with the same aggression that Hugh Jackman carries as Wolverine. Dafne Keen’s acting is considered one of the best by child actors.

Haley Joel Osment – The Sixth Sense

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The Sixth Sense ranks on top of the supernatural movies. The Sixth Sense is full of twists and an unexpected ending. The best part of the movie was the child actor, Haley Joel Osment. Haley Joel Osment received appreciation from every audience for his part in the supernatural thriller. Acting as a kid who can talk to spirits, Haley Joel Osment has did great job.

Riddhi Sen – Open Tee Bioscope

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Open Tee Bioscope can be called as the best teen movie ever made. It has love, emotions and everything that a teen ovie should have. What makes the movie even more special is the acting of Riddhi Sen. As a teenager, Riddhi Sen completes his character with his best performance. As the story revolves around Riddhi Sen’s character, he’s done a great job pacifying it.

Mohammad Samad – Tumbbad

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Tumbbad is one of the best Hindi movies released in recent years. In addition to that, Mohammad Samad as Vinayak Rao’s son is one of the best performance from a child actor. Tumbbad is a Horror-Thriller movie which keeps the audience on their feet. Tumbbad won many awards and accolades. The movie also brought in one of the best child actors to the mainframe. Mohammad Samad first breaks all the stereotypes by taking up a Brahmin character being a Muslim. Second, he’s given the performance of his life that no one can forget.

Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter (the entire series)

Everyone who’s watched the Harry Potter movies must have definitely fallen in love with the series. Girls must have had a crush on the main character, Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe who acts as the main character Harry Potter took the world by storm with his acting. Even though there are several child actors in the movie, the one who took the spotlight was Danielle Radcliffe. Harry Potter is still considered as one of the best movie series ever done and the best Danielle Radcliffe movies.

Millie Bobby Brown – Stranger Things (all seasons)

Millie Bobby Brown - Stranger Things  actress

Another child actor who took over the world with her best acting was Millie Bobby Brown. Taking over the character of Eleven in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown is at her best. Stranger Things became a heartthrob for youngsters all over the world. Also, Stranger Things introduced a new crush to the world, Millie Bobby Brown. Being a Sci-Fi Thriller, Stranger Things has all the elements which make it one of the best Netflix series.


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