China virus

World’s most populous country, China is under attack by a new strain of virus known as corona virus which is also called Wuhan virus. The virus was named Wuhan as Wuhan is the city in China where the outbreak started. 2019-nCoV is the official name given to the current corona virus. There’s a concern growing from other countries and WHO as many of the tourists who are mostly foreigners are stranded in China.

China virus
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Corona virus initially went undetected and was identified after several people in central Wuhan fell ill and had pneumonia like symptoms. After analysing the reports, Chinese scientists identified the microorganism as corona virus of a new strain. 

As the local body failed to contain the virus and take precautionary measures, the virus spread is spreading and more than 1,300 cases have been confirmed. Death toll is also on the rise and as of Friday evening total number of deaths due to corona virus is 41.

Deadly Virus
China Virus

China has locked down Wuhan and other cities nearby as the virus is communicable. Most of the deaths were of people aged above 50 who are suffering from different health issues. Due to the lockdown many foreign students and tourists are stuck within the cities and are unable to get in contact.

Corona virus has spread to Australia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France and the US. Virus has spread to the foreign countries mainly due to infected tourists going back to their homeland. China have started to build a 1000 bed mobile hospital in Wuhan to facilitate and treat the infected patients. Hong Kong government decided to close schools till the situation turns normal.

China rises in death due to deadly virus
China Virus 2020

World Health Organisation has mentioned in a press meet that it’s not a global emergency and even the Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the disease will be contained as soon as possible to reduce the possible outbreaks. All the local and state governments are pressurised to contain the disease as soon as possible by identifying the victims.

It is believed that the virus is transmitted from snakes which are sold in the Wuhan food market and this is the first kind of corona virus that is capable of spreading among humans. Though they are the most common virus causing many respiratory issues as small as common cold, some can cause pneumonia and bronchitis. Corona virus is common in other animals as well and not many corona virus found in animals are known to have any effect on humans. But the corona virus that’s creating havoc in China are the most evolved ones and are causing severe respiratory problems in humans. Scientists who identified 2019-nCoV virus have said that the virus can be transmitted through the air, personal contact such as touching and shaking hands and having contact with the surface or an object exposed to viral particles.

China announces the tourists not to visit China bcz of deadly virus
China avoids tourists

This could lead to pandemic as there are no vaccines for corona virus right now. Researchers from different countries are working on making a vaccine and are in preliminary stages. WHO is expected to take the issue seriously in the coming days and contain the virus as early as possible.


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