Coronavirus has taken over the world and thousands are dying every day. Even after extensive research about coronavirus, no one knows how the virus started in Wuhan. The coronavirus outbreak started by the end of 2019 in Wuhan and spread all over the world in a few months. With no vaccine, the world is witnessing the biggest pandemic since 1918 Spanish flu.

Almost all the best research institutes and drug companies in the world are working on developing the vaccine. Chinese scientists and even scientists from the WHO was sent to China to identify the virus. But, all the effort went in vain as no one could identify from where the virus came from. Since the start of the pandemic, the United States had been accusing China of tampering the proof of the virus and also condemned WHO for assisting China. But not many countries agreed with the US and supported China with the research.

Recently, a lead scientist from Hong Kong, Kwok- Yung Yuen who was one of the scientists sent to investigate the virus to Wuhan has made a shocking revelation. According to him, China had already tampered with the proof by completely cleaning the Wuhan flesh market. As the whole place was cleaned even before the scientists took over, they could not identify the reason or source of the virus.

According to the interview with BBC, Professor Kwog- Yung Yuen also believes that the Chinese government has done a serious cover-up of the situation when the virus started to spread. Even there were many reports that the doctor who first identified the virus and warned of a pandemic was arrested for spreading false news. Some of the countries such as Taiwan, Japan and Australia are backing the US in opposing China of knowingly spreading the virus.

Some theorists even claim that China has released a virus into the world by developing it in a lab. According to the theories by these theorists, China wants to become the world’s superpower in a few years by overtaking the United States. The US even claims that China is hiding many details regarding the number of deaths in China and the effects of the virus. But, the World Health Organisation keeps supporting China in every way.


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