Different types of coffee

Who just doesn’t love coffee? A sip of coffee early in the morning can just give heads up for the whole day. Yes coffee is an addiction, so what? Everything that is addictive can’t be as refreshing as coffee. A cup of coffee is what everyone needs to get that sleepy head to be active and give an adrenaline rush to that lazy body. Coffee is a kind of beverage obtained from coffee beans which is high in caffeine. Coffee is grown in different parts of the world and every country grows its own kind of coffee. Some of the coffee making processes around the world can be very peculiar and some are very unique. Let’s look at some of the top varieties of coffee around the world.

Vietnamese Coffee

vietnamese coffee filter
vietnamese iced coffee

Vietnamese coffee is not for those who doesn’t drink coffee regularly.
Vietnamese coffee is one of strong and purest form of coffee available in Asia.
There are different ways to make Vietnamese coffee and one of the most
commonly followed way is by using drip filter. Hot water is added to the filter
and hot coffee is taken in a glass which is then added to a glass of ice and voila,
dark roast Vietnamese coffee is done.

South Indian Filter Coffee

indian filter coffee
South Indian Coffee

South Indian filter coffee is widely regarded as one of the tastiest and fulfilling beverage. South Indian coffees are made by mixing boiling milk with brewed South Indian coffee powder. It is widely called as “kaapi” in the local language and locals just love to drink coffee at any time. It is a go to drink for most of them especially in a social gathering. Coffee beans are turned into powders and they are put in a cylindrical boxes in which hot water and coffee powder is added. This is called as “filter coffee” across India.

Café Cubano

cuban coffee drink
Cubano Coffee

Cuban coffee or famously known as café Cubano is served in the smallest cup
available. But don’t let that small cup fool you because there’s a reason behind
that smallest cup. Cuban coffee is regarded as a very strong coffee available and
it can make you go gaga. It is made from the dark coffee powder. The powder is
added to the milk and is vigorously mixed into a creamy foam which usually
tastes sweet. You might have to get a shot of Cuban coffee if you have to get that
headache to reduce.

Turk Kahvesi

turkish coffee pot
Turkish Coffee

Turkey is not only famous for its capital city Istanbul and its medieval age
buildings but also for its coffee. Turkish coffee is special because of many
reasons. It is made from the finest ground coffee beans and it is served in a
special brass or copper pot called cezve. Also the coffee is served unfiltered
that’s said the coffee ground gets settled at the bottom of the cup and you get
the real ground coffee taste.

Espresso Romano

italian coffee maker
Italian Espresso

Coffee for Italians is not just a normal beverage. Coffee is served in more than 10
types in Italy. The most common one is the espresso. It is quite a strong one and
is creamy too. That’s how Italians love their coffee. Most of the coffee types are
served hot and creamy so that the coffee doesn’t lose the FLAVOR

Finnish Coffee

finnish coffee culture

Finnish Coffee is often called Kaffeost in Finland and Finnish people are the
highest coffee consumers per capita. This shows how important the coffee is in
Finland. They also make the most unique coffee. Coffee is made with the milk
and once the coffee is prepared it is poured into a cup with chunks of cheese
cubes. Yes, that’s right. It might sound too unappealing for others but that’s how
Finnish love their coffee.


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