Mark Calaway or famously known by the stage name, The Undertaker is finally retiring from WWE. Undertaker was the face of WWE for more than 30 years. He had maintained a clean record in WWE’s main event Wrestlemania for 21 years before losing the streak against Brock Lesner. The Undertaker was one of the biggest wrestlers in WWE and was one of the favourites of 90’s children.

The Undertaker announced his retirement in a docuseries named “Undertaker: the last ride”. He’s said that he’s retiring for good and never returning to the ring again. He was about to compete in another Wrestlemania main event before Covid-19 pandemic put an end to the event.

Undertaker started his career in 1987 before entering the main frame of WWE in 1990. He competed in his first Wrestlemania bout in 1991 which he went on to win in next 21 events. The Undertaker held world heavyweight championship belt three times and WWE/WWF championship belt four times. His biggest comeback was when he was considered he was back from the dead after he was killed during a WWE main event by his half-brother Kane. He’s achieved many milestones as a professional wrestler. He is very fond of sports and he has also won the black belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

He had dropped out of university to compete in sports and become a professional sportsperson. His interest drew him towards wrestling and he ended up joining WWF. He has spent almost his whole life in wrestling and WWE and he also said that he is in debt to WWE for making his career.

Apart from wrestling, he has acted in many TV shows and movies. He is also a businessman and spends his time handling his real estate business. He also handles an animal fund to help sick dogs and street dogs. Throughout his career, he has won many accolades and has served as the face of many sports magazines.


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