If you are in Bangalore and you haven’t even heard of Rasta Café, then you should definitely open Google maps and head towards Rasta Café. Rasta Café is one of the famous hookah bars in Bangalore. Rasta Café has its franchise at 2 different locations. One is along Bangalore-Mysore highway and other one is in Church Street.

rasta cafe menu
Rasta Cafe Banglore

For those who does not have time to travel towards busy Mysore road or feel it’s too far, you can visit the Café at the centre of the city in the Church Street. Rasta Café has made a name for itself in the heart of Bengalureans.

rasta cafe timings
Rasta Cafe Mysore Road

For those who love to get smoked up on pipes, Rasta Café in Church Street might not be the best place to visit as they only provide food and beverages. They have variety of options on food of different cuisines and various drinks to choose from. If anyone’s around Church Street, then it’s a great place to visit with friends and family. You can try different foods and drinks of your choice and end the day having great time.

Rasta cafe in banglore
Rasta Cafe

Rasta Café on Mysore-Bangalore highway is the best night life café in Bangalore. It is located in Mayaganahalli, Ramanagara and is on the left side when travelling towards Bangalore. Rasta Café is about 40 km from Bangalore, 105 km from Mysore and only 9 km from Ramanagara. It’ll be open till 2:30 am and it’s a famous place in Bengaluru to hangout for night owls. Best part of this Café is that they have hookah on their menu. Weekends are always full and it is difficult find empty spaces on those days. People who wants to chill with their friends the whole night can rightly choose Rasta Café. Even this Rasta Café has a lot of varieties to select from their menu. They serve wide varieties of pizza, shakes, and beverages and sadly they don’t serve any alcohol. Alcohol lovers have the option to only stick on to hookah. Hookahs and open spaces to sit are the best part of the café. You can smoke the pipe and enjoy the cool breezy night at the same time. They have chairs and sofas arranged outside the café or even you can choose to stay indoors under the roof. Indoors or outdoors, you’ll have the best experience and also get to enjoy best hookah at the same time if you choose to visit Rasta Café.


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