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Ever since the lockdown got in, normal life got disrupted. Most of them stopped coming out and got stuck to their couch at home. With everyone working from home and all the party places being closed, many are finding it harder to socialise. In order to ease the burden of meeting new people directly, many dating apps have brought up a new feature of virtual dating. Through this, people can now have a virtual date with the person they get connected to. According to the reports, there has been a huge spike in the dating app downloads. So here are some of the dating apps that will help you date virtually and even probably helping you find a soulmate.


Tinder is one of the top dating apps in India and even in the world. Tinder is a very popular dating app that made a debut a long time ago. Tinder lets you swipe through individuals that you like and are your type. The popular right swipe and left swipe was introduced through Tinder and is very popular in all the dating apps. Through free services, Tinder lets you chat with the person you swipe right only even if the other person swipes you right. The only issue with the tinder is that there are many fake profiles and you might get scammed.


Bumble is another pioneering dating app that lets you swipe through different people. Bumble gives women the upper hand by letting them initiate the chat first after people get matched. If the people of same-sex matches, either of them can initiate the conversation. The only con of Bumble is that after the match you can only have 24 hours to make a good connection with your partner.


OkCupid is one of the popular dating apps available. OkCupid lets you answer some questions and finds matches according to what you have answered. It measures compatibility and finds you the right matches. Also, there are so many fake matches that you might end up having connections.


GoGaga is an Indian made new age dating app. It is very unique compared to all other dating apps. GoGaga connects with Facebook and finds your friends and their friends who are using GoGaga. After finding the GoGaga users it’ll let you connect with friends of your friends.


Another Indian made dating app only for Indians is Aisle. Similar to all other dating apps, Aisle lets you go through different profiles and like them or left swipe. It is a mix of OkCupid and Tinder where you can send an intro after right sweeping the profile. There are very few fake profiles in Aisle compared to all other dating apps.


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