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There are billions of animals in the world and the only animal that’s proving to be indirectly dangerous to humans are Bats. Bats are the only mammals in the world that are capable of flying. Almost all the Bats known are nocturnal and they fly around only at night. Bats are found in almost every country except the coldest regions. Even though they are small and seem cute, they are known to be vectors for some of the dangerous viruses that humans have recorded.

Nipah, Hendra, Ebola, Marburg and SARS are some of the most dangerous viruses that humans have known and they all have one common factor – Bats. Bats carry all these viruses as a host or a carrier and pass it on to humans. All the main viral outbreaks around the world in the past 70 years has been caused by Bats and most people believe that the recent Corona outbreak is also caused by Bats.

bat virus symptoms
Bat Virus

Even though the Bats are on top of the chain of all these diseases, it can’t be considered that the Bats are at fault. Most of the outbreaks are caused by the human interference in the Bat’s territory and also because Bats are consumed as a form of food in some of the Asian countries.

Bats tend to live in groups and hence they spread the viruses among themselves and other species of Bats. These Bats that carry viruses can come in contact with humans when either humans consume any of the fruits or vegetables which a Bat has consumed or humans consume the infected Bats.

bat virus in kerala
Bat virus symptoms

However Bats are immune to these viruses as they have advanced defence mechanisms built in their genes that acts as resistance to the diseases caused by these viruses. Bat’s genes got advanced when they started to fly around a million years ago. Most of the viruses becomes incompetent at higher temperature and are active only when the temperature is normal. Since Bats fly, their temperature rises which also makes the viruses inactive. But when these viruses are spread among the land animals such as humans, they spread and infect quickly. Hence Bat’s flight mode makes them to just act as carriers for all the scary viruses that humans are afraid of.

Some of the viruses such as Ebola spreads slowly but the mortality rate is high whereas SARS or Corona virus has lower mortality rate but their infection rates are high.

The only solution to keep these diseases away is just by reducing the Bat-Human conflict leaving Bats to thrive in their own environment.


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