Corona Virus

Even though 2 months has passed by since the detection of first coronavirus, there seems to be no end to the outbreak of nCoV-2019. With more than 499,948 cases, 22,323 plus deaths and new cases rising globally every day, coronavirus is creating havoc throughout the world.

Even though there’s been recovery cases of more than 121,214 till now, new cases are also on the rise. More than 198 countries from Asia to North America, all the continents with good population have reported coronavirus cases and one can expect it to spread to more countries if no proper care is taken.

Coronavirus symptoms
Corona Virus Symptoms

NCoV-2019 outbreak was declared as a public health emergency by the World Health Organisation on February 30th and they are working 24/7 to analyse and contain the virus. The worst hit country of all is the one where it all started – China. China has been suffering the worst since outbreak. Out of the total 499,948 cases detected worldwide, China has confirmed 80,000 cases especially Hubei province, where the outbreak started. Many of China’s worst hit province has been quarantined and all those infected are closely watched by the health officials. This has been the worst disease outbreak the world has ever seen. With still no proper knowledge of how the virus was contacted and how it is spreading, world’s development and businesses are taking a hit.

corona virus diagnostic test
Corona Virus

Economy of the countries are suffering. Businesses are taking a hit. Stock markets are hitting new lows. Tourism Industry suffering worst ever break. Airlines all over the world have either stopped flights or planning to stop flights to heavily infected areas. Sports championships are getting cancelled. Manufacturing sectors are reporting new lows. This is the effect of coronavirus on the present world and its having a deepening impact on all kinds of businesses all over the world.

With China being the epicentre for most of the businesses especially for the manufacturing sectors, companies are taking a toll in the manufacturing projects. Apple, whose phones are manufactured in China, has reduced the production of their phones. With yearly Apple event where new apple products are launched to be held by the end of this month, Apple is already looking at a shortage of production and is planning to limit its sales. Tesla is planning to move its manufacturing unit from China to its neighbouring country Taiwan. Most of the corporate companies having its branches overseas have stopped sending their employees to its overseas locations.

corona virus india latest news
Coronavirus Cause

Stock markets have started to see a peak decline. Many country’s economy is slowing down due to weaker markets. China and South Korean governments have advised people to work at home and not to come out unless it’s absolute necessary. Japan has shut down all the schools for a month. It is reported that the investors have lost millions of dollars within a month.

Most of the countries have issued advisories for their citizens to not visit China and to be sure of taking precautions before entering any infected areas. Many of the sports events are being cancelled by the organisers because of the fear of infections. With the summer Olympics to be held in Tokyo this year, it’s not quite clear if the competition will be held or of how many countries might participate in the competitions. Event sponsors and organisers are on their toes as they might lose billions of dollars if the event is cancelled.

corona virus started from
Coronavirus vaccine

With no proper medication to treat the infection and no proper prediction of the future, all eyes are on the health departments and every country’s governments on how well the disease will be contained.


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