As many as 184 countries have recorded Covid-19 cases and almost all these countries including the United States of America is in shutdown mode as the cases all over the world has crossed a million mark. With companies shut and people are at home under lockdown, wild animals are coming out of forests roaming around the cities. With the roads being empty everywhere, our furry friends have taken it as a chance to roam around. Even Mother Nature is taking its time to heal from all the damages caused by humans.

Scientists say that there is a considerable reduction of pollution all around the world, especially in some of the most polluted areas, air and noise pollution is at its lowest. Scientists have recorded that there is a huge drop in the greenhouse gas emissions and in China, which is one of the highest greenhouse gas emitters has recorded its lowest emissions.

nature at its best
Nature is back during lockdown

Animals roaming around the empty streets, dolphins and swans swimming around some of the busiest cities has become a common sight. People in Venice say that this is the first time ever that they’ve seen the clear water flowing through the tunnels. Water around some of the biggest cities such as New York, Mumbai is getting as clearer as they can get. Even the Ozone hole which was formed above Antarctica and was getting bigger due to greenhouse gas emissions has reduced. Scientists believe that it’s beginning to heal and gets much better if the lockdown all over the world continues for another 2 to 3 months.

There were recordings of Dolphins and Swans swimming around the canals in Venice. Deers roaming around freely in US and Canadian cities. Mountain goats roaming freely in the cities and towns closer to Andes Mountains. Dolphin swimming around Mumbai. Deer and civets roaming in the streets of Indian cities are some of the examples that animals are having a great time in the absence of humans.

nature is the best teacher

Though scientists believe that this is neither permanent recovery nor the permanent solution for Earth to get better. This is just an example of how Earth can recover and get better by curbing the pollution. The world is recovering only for the time being and once the corona effect ends, things might get back to normal and pollution will be same as it was before. Unless the governments do something to curb pollution and takes measures to improve the scenario, situation will be the same or might get even worse in the near future.


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