Drone Pratap fake

Drone Pratap went viral after a piece of news came out that he was awarded a job at ISRO. Also, once this news came out, his credentials of inventing drones and travelling all over the world also became doubtful. Some of the news articles claimed that everything Drone Pratap said is fake as there were no proofs of any type online. One of the online news websites also claimed that he still has backlogs to clear and is yet to obtain a Bachelor’s degree.

After much backlash from all sides, from news channels to social media, Drone Pratap has come out with a response.

He spoke to one of the local news channels and he said that none of his achievements is fake. He detailed out all of them were fake news and a conspiracy against him and his achievements. He said that he had rejected many job and collaboration offers by some of the individuals to make drones. According to Drone Pratap, these people are spreading fake news and talking bad about him.

According to Drone Pratap, he received a job offer from NTRO and not ISRO. National Technology Research Organisation (NTRO) is an intelligence agency for technology working directly under the Prime Minister’s Office. As it is one of the government’s top organisations, Drone Pratap said that because of this job offer, the fake news about him being incapable started to spread.

About the photos that are available online of him with drones with logo, he said that he used some of the motors and drones of those companies. Hence, his drones had the company’s logo.

Drone Pratap also said that he keeps all his innovations under the table so that they are not duplicated. He said that his drones were very advanced and could be used for unfair means. He said that he wanted to keep his technology a secret in order to fulfil his dream of helping with Indian defence.

He concluded that in a few days he will come back with proof about all his works and prove that the news about him is fake.


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