A small village in Madurai has a temple and it conducts a 15 day ceremony every year. But the news that can surprise anyone is that around 15 girls are selected during this ceremony and they are made to walk around naked during the whole 15 day ceremony. These girls are locked inside the temple along with the main priest and are forced to remain within the temple premises for 15 days.

All these girls are aged around 10 to 15 or around the age of puberty. As this news spread out of the village, National Human Rights Commission entered the scene and took care of all the people performing such rituals and forcing girls to roam around naked.

Even though the level of education in India has improved, superstitions and some beliefs still exist which can bring shame to everyone. Some people do not know the difference between faith and superstitions. So they end up committing such traditions that should have stopped years ago. For the last several years some of the traditions have been in practice where there is obscenity in the name of faith. Even though the government takes measures and advertises against such practices, the people who believe in their religion and faith continue to follow these kind of rituals.

In this particular practice, the girls as young as 10 are made to walk bare chested and they are covered with garlands and jewellery. These girls are also made to carry pots of liquor on their head and roam around the village. Though these scenes are obscene to us, villagers believe that this is a good omen and brings wellness and prosperity for both girls and their family. These practices are more than 200 years old followed in many of the villages in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

There are many campaigns conducted by the governments and many NGO’s to stop such practices and put an end to all these kinds of superstitions.


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