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Every field has people who are arrogant and Indian small screen industry is no less. There are many actress who act in Indian Soap Opera who are arrogant. While few are really good to people around them and act with dignity with respect to their profession, some actress are arrogant to everyone around them showing no respect to profession or the people around them. Here are some of arrogant Indian television actress.

Leena Jumani

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Leena Jumani is one of the most renowned actress of Indian television. She’s also a very young actress who acted in more than 20 serials as one of main characters. She’s also acted in the movie named Himmatwala and a web series named Maaya 2. Before entering the television field, she was a model. Even with all the success in her profession, she’s considered to be one of the arrogant actress on set. She would pick up fight with people on set every now and then. She also known to make ridiculous demands while on set. 

Jennifer Winget

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Jennifer Winget has won the hearts of many young guys and old ones as well for her beauty and acting. She’s been in the television field for quite a long time and she’s one of the senior actress in the small screen. She’s won several accolades such as most desirable woman and she was on the list of top 50 sexiest woman. She’s acted in several films as a child actor and acted in more than 20 Soap Operas. People who work with her believe that as beautiful actress as she is, she’s equally arrogant. Some say that Jennifer often leaves the shoot for little things and petty issues. She abandons shooting and had to be begged to come back to shoot the scene.

Disha Parmar

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Disha Parmar is also one of the most famous and young television actress. She was also a model before becoming actress. She has acted in many commercials before and even after becoming television actress. She’s acted in 5 serials and also a music video. She’s been in the field since she was 17. She left her modelling days back and has become a full time lead actress in Indian serials. She’s not only known for acting but also for her arrogance. Disha Parmar mostly works in accordance with her own terms of shooting. She often leaves shooting in anger. She is considered one of the most arrogant actress among the current Indian television actress.


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