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Over 4. 3 million people get their daily dose of inspiration from purpose coach Jay Shetty, who makes a living motivating people. Over the past few years, Jay has achieved celebrity-status and he is one of the most sought-after and followed spiritual gurus, largely due to his inspirational speeches.

If you scroll through his Instagram or Facebook page, you’ll come across several videos and quotes that will unleash a breath of fresh air and give you renewed hope. However, there’s a You Tuber who has apparently “exposed” Jay’s other side.

nicole arbour

In the video, she has also mentioned how a few influential people have approached her and told her that he has stolen their quotes too but since he is very popular, they refrain from making these claims in public. Nicole mentions in the video that Jay Shetty stole quotes and motivational speeches from other people and got into Forbes list of World’s top 30 under 30. “It’s not like he reposts the meme… he crops their name and puts ‘Jay Shetty’”, a furious Nicole goes on to add further.

Nicole has gone on record to call him a “liar” and a “plagiarist” in the video. She has also
questioned his story of being a monk in India for a few years. “I am not saying he’s not a monk, I am just saying that there is no evidence that he ever was. And I think he is lying.”

Watch Nicole Arbour’s video accusing Jay Shetty of stealing quotes and motivational material here:

Jay Shetty Youtube

There is no denying the fact that Jay Shetty has helped transform the lives of thousands of people out there with his wisdom, knowledge and understanding. He has


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