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With whole world’s news surrounding corona virus and its effects around the world, there’s been a new news coming from the east and it’s from China’s neighbouring country, North Korea.

There’s a lot of speculations that Kim Jong-Un is dead or is presumably going to die soon. It’s been a month since Kim Jong-Un, the supreme leader has been missing and some reports claim that he’s undergone heart surgery and is recovering from after the surgery.

kim jong un death

Since the leader didn’t attend the holiday celebration held in the capital region, there were some serious doubts that King Jong-Un’s health is in danger. South Korean media had reported that the leader had undergone heart operations due to over drinking and smoking. US intelligence also suggested that his health might be deteriorating. But on Sunday, South Korean government gave an official news that the leader is healthy and is enjoying a vacation in his vacation home in the North of the country. Even satellite images showed his personal train stopping near his bungalow.

With the whole world speculating the health of Kim Jong-Un, North Korean media released a letter from the North Korean leader to his South African counterpart. Even though both, South and North Korean government and media is trying to prove that Kim Jong-Un is fine, there are doubts that he might not be in a good condition as no one has seen him or heard from him officially for a month now.

kim jong un death scene

Kim Jong-Un is the North Korean supreme leader and is the son of Kim Jong –Il and grandson of Kim II sung, who is also known as Father of North Korea. He’s been in power since early 2012. He was always in line to rule North Korea after his father’s death. He made a history by becoming the first North Korean leader to hold peaceful talks with both South Korea and United States of America. He’s also known for executing some of his family members. Kim Jong-Un has been taking his country to new heights as development of nuclear weapons has doubled up ever since he came to power. He has also challenged his Russian and US counterparts and has secretly testing and developing the weapons. With the support of China, he’s been considered as one of the better leaders than his father and grandfather.

With his condition seems to be serious, foreign governments and media believe that his sister Kim Yo-Jong might be next in line in case Kim Jong-Un dies. Kim Yo-Jong is currently the first deputy director and leader of Propaganda and Agitation department. She’s considered the most powerful leader after her brother Kim Jong-Un.


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