Indian Space Research Organisation has officially given nod for private companies to take part in the Indian Space research programs. In a briefing, ISRO chairman K Sivan said that this is a big step towards the development of space research in India. ISRO wants to unlock the potential of Indian talent in space research. This opportunity allows private players to engage more efficiently in the space sector.

This is a huge boost for the Indian Space sector which has already reached new heights in the space sector. ISRO had placed demands from the governments a few months ago to allow private companies. Since the government gave its nod to reform, this is a very good opportunity to improve the space sector. ISRO has planned to start a new autonomous body called Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Center (IN-SPACe) under the department of Space.

Companies that come under IN-SPACe will work under the expertise of ISRO and also will get to use all the facilities that are under the control of ISRO. What makes IN-SPACe different is that it’ll be having its own set of directorates from safety and security to work monitoring. Private entities will also have a chance to enter R and D sector and get involved in different research projects.

This news has come at a better time as ISRO has already made the list of some huge projects in the future including a Human Space Flight Programme. With private companies entering the sector, ISRO will look to move their focus highly on Research and Development projects and creating some advanced technology for improving Indian Space Research programs.

ISRO will give out further details about the project soon.

ISRO had been India’s primary space research organisation reaching greater heights with many record-breaking space projects. ISRO had recently flown out a mission to land on the moon but it was unsuccessful. Now again in another 2 years, ISRO plans a similar project to land on the moon and also the most hyped mission of sending a human to space.


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