Lalbagh show is one of the eye-catching events in Bangalore that takes place twice in a year, once during Republic Day and another during Independence Day. Lalbagh is one of the well-maintained gardens located within Bangalore city and is also the oldest botanical garden in Bangalore.

Lalbagh Banglore
Lalbagh Flower Show

Lalbagh was laid out during Hyder Ali’s rule and was improvised by his son Tipu Sultan who’s famously known as the Tiger of Mysore. Lalbagh was developed in 1889 and has been hosting flower shows as early as 1912 and still maintains the same visual aspects. The biennial flower show during Independence Day and Republic Day is being held from 1951. Lalbagh is spread out over 240 acres of land and comprises over thousand species of plants and trees in which some are over 100 years old. It’s a great place to study and analyse for nature lovers and horticulturists.

Lalbagh is also a home for some of the rarest species brought in from different parts of India and world. Almost all the trees and plants are labelled for easy identification. Some species are brought in from Afghanistan, France, United Kingdom and Persia. Lalbagh also has one of the ancient rocks which are more than a million years old.

Flower Show at Lalbagh
Lalbagh Glasshouse

Glasshouse is the centre of attraction in Lalbagh where the main theme of Lalbagh flower show is followed. For every event, a theme is selected and flowers are decorated according to the theme inside the glasshouse beautifully. It’s thought that the Lalbagh flower show was inspired by Chelsea flower show in United Kingdom.

Lalbagh flower show is held for at least 8 days and it attracts millions of people coming in from different places. Footfall is high especially on Republic Day and Independence Day when the number of people visiting crosses more than 5 lakh.

Gomateshwara Statue at lalbagh
Lalbagh Flower Decorationa

Lalbagh not only attracts people but also many migratory birds which tends to takes rest along their migration. These are a treat for bird-watchers, as many species of birds can be found visiting Lalbagh. Lalbagh has one of the pillars erected by Kempegowda II, who’s also the founder of Bangalore, to mark the borders of Bangalore.

Lalbagh is maintained by the Horticulture department which handles all the facilities inside Lalbagh. With most of the city losing its green cover, Lalbagh along with Cubbon Park serves as a hub of greenery and trees within the city. Lalbagh is an excellent picnic spot for people who wants to chill and enjoy nature within the city. Lalbagh also allows morning walkers for free.

Lalbagh Show 2020
Lalbagh Flower Show 2020

Lalbagh is in the south part of Bangalore that connects Jaynagar and VV Puram. Lalbagh has four different gates for entry in four different directions.

This year’s flower show on Republic Day is the 211th flower show, and it celebrates the legacy of Swami Vivekananda. A portrait of Swami Vivekananda is being made inside the glasshouse. A lot of decorations of the journey of Swami Vivekananda will be made to attract a large number of people during Republic Day. The Horticulture department plans to have an eco-friendly flower show and reduce the wastes as much as possible.


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