tourist places of karnataka

Karnataka is one of the beautiful states that is known for its rich cultural heritage. Lying on the Western Ghats, with a long coastal line Karnataka is home for many rare species of flora and fauna. Karnataka also has a lot of tourist places to visit and most of them will be crowded all the times. But, there are also few tourist places which are rarely crowded. We have listed some of them. Here are some of the top lesser known and less crowded tourist places in Karnataka.

Kapu Beach, Mangalore – Manipal Highway

Kapu Beach Resort
Kapu Beach Udupi

Kapu Beach is located on Mangalore – Manipal Highway and is just 16 km from Udupi. A beautiful beach along the highway, Kapu Beach is rarely filled with people. Kapu Beach in Udupi also has a lighthouse which makes it a perfect place with a perfect view to chill down. Those who are passing along the highway can just have a visit to Kapu Beach and enjoy a peaceful view.

Sharavati Backwaters

Sharavathi Backwater Resort
Sharavathi Backwater Camping

Sharavati River that passes along the thick forests of Western Ghats is one of the main water resource for people along the banks of Sharavati River. Linganamakki dam in Shimoga District is built over Sharavati River and has one of the best views of the river. Sharavati adventure camp near Talakalale dam offers kayaking and boating which can be one of the best things anyone can experience in life.

Sirimane Falls

Sringeri to sirimane falls
Sirimane Waterfalls

A small and beautiful waterfalls in the heart of Western Ghats is one thing that you have to visit at least once. About 15 km from temple town Shringeri, Sirimane Falls looks like a pearl in between thick and green forests. Cool water flowing from the Sirimane Falls can rejuvenate anyone’s soul. Sirimane Falls is one of few places where you can enjoy the nature at its best.

Ottinene Beach

Ottinene Beach Bijur
Ottinene Beach Byndoor

If you ever wonder if there are any secret beaches in Karnataka, then the answer is yes and Ottinene beach in Baindoor makes it to the top of the list. The beach feels like it’s been untouched by any humans ever since it was made. Ottinene beach is the beauty at its best which shows that nature will always remain beautiful if it is uninfluenced by the humans. Ottinene beach is on the separate ledge in between the river and the sea which connects to Bijur village. Ottinene beach is about 5 km from Baindoor and you have to pass through Bijur to reach Ottinene Beach.

Kudremukh National Park

Banglore to Kudremukh
Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukha National Park is in between the dense green forests in the centre of Western Ghats. There’s nothing but green over there on the either side of the road. Kudremukha National Park can be called heaven for bike riders because of the nature and around and clumsy roads in between. Kudremukha National Park is one of the best places to encounter with wild animals like Tigers, Peacocks, Elephants and many more. Ride through Kudremukha an adventure to experience at least once in a life time. Also there are tiny streams and waterfalls that you can keep on through the journey.  Kudremukha National Park really is a treat for the eyes.


Honnemaradu Falls
Honnemaradu Camping

If you are an adventure sports lover, then Honnemaradu should be on your check list. Honnemaradu is a small village on the banks of Sharavati River. Honnemaradu is in Shimoga district and is abot 10 km from world famous Jog Falls. It is about 5 km away from the highway and the adventure camp conducts many water adventure sports on Sharavati River basin. Honnemaradu is also an excellent spot for bird watchers as many birds of different species even the rare species come here to rest when they are moving along during their flight.


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