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Ever since people got stuck in their homes due to quarantine, they’ve been complaining of boredom and nothing else to do other than lying around and being lazy. Since the whole world is under quarantine, some of the top apps and companies are giving out their paid applications and courses for free of cost. Here’s the list of some of the apps and courses that can be used for free during quarantine.

Nikon School

Online photography learning app
Nikon School

People who love photography and want to learn some new skills from some of the best schools can try logging into Nikon School. Nikon is offering their online photography classes for free of cost. These classes cost some big bucks and Nikon is offering it for free so that people don’t get bored at home and can learn something new and exciting.


tinder app
Tinder – Dating Game

All the singles out there, it’s time to rejoice. Tinder is giving out one of their premium feature, Tinder passport for free which lets you connect to the singles all over the world. What’s more exciting than dating someone on the other side of the world. Just log in to your tinder profile and that’s it. Tinder passport will be activated and probably you might end up meeting love of your life.


online fitness training app
Centr – fitness Training App

Our beloved Thor, Chris Hemsworth is giving out his paid fitness app Centr for free. Centr contains all the workouts that can make you fit and look like a Greek god just the way Chris Hemsworth looks. The app contains all kinds of workout routines such as strength training, High Intensity Interval Training, Boxing, Yoga and more. Don’t forget to try Centr and to be fit during quarantine.

Skill Share

free courses certificate online
Skill Share

One of the top learning apps Skill Share is giving out all its free classes for free. The classes vary from arts to business and all these videos are explained by the professionals of that particular field. These experts give you an in-depth knowledge in that field and help you learn new skills easily and in a better way. Log into Skill Share and learn some new skills before this quarantine ends.

Nike Training Club

Online Fitness Training App
NTC – Fitness App

Another fitness app and probably the most famous one too, Nike Training Club by sports giants Nike are providing their app free of cost. You can browse through different workout routines even if you never worked out in your life. The app has routines planned for beginners as well as for advanced and also for those who want to work out with or without weights. If you want to get fit, this might be the right time and Nike Training Club is probably the right way to start your work out.

Google Hangouts Meet

Online conference app
Google Meeting – Online Meeting App

Google, the top tech company is giving out their business meeting app Hangout Meet’s premium features for free. For those who want to have a high quality meetings with their colleagues from home, Google Hangouts Meet is the right way to do it.

Unity Learn

free courses online websites
Unity Learn – AR VR Online Learning App

Unity learn is an animation and game development platform and they are giving out their premium features which include 2D, 3D animations AR, VR development courses and many more animation skills for free. So probably you can learn some animation skills and develop a game for yourself during the quarantine


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