weird guinness world records

The Guinness world records or formerly called Guinness book of records is a book that is annually that registers some of the records created and broken by humans and the nature. The Guinness world records have registered many world records since its inception in 1955 and everyone wants their name in the coveted Guinness world records. There are also many weird and strange world records that might shock anyone. Here are some of the strange weird Guinness world records ever recorded.

Longest Kiss

world's longest kiss
Worlds Longest Kiss

If any couple think they kiss for a very long time then they might have to change their minds because this couple from Thailand kissed for a whopping 58 hours 35 minutes and 58 seconds! They kept kissing without food or water and got their names in the Guinness world records.

Longest Human Tongue

world’s longest human tongue

Tongues can grow quite long in some people but this man from California named Nick Stoeberl has the longest tongue which measures up to 10 cm. That’s longer than pee pee of some people! His women might be a happiest bunch.

Longest Finger Nails of a Woman

longest fingernails
world’s longest fingernails

A woman named Lee Redmond waited for 30 years to grow her record breaking nails and now she has a Guinness world record of longest finger nails of a woman and it measures up to 28 feet.

Longest Moustache

longest moustache in the world
world’s longest moustache

An Indian named Ram Singh Chauhan holds the Guinness world record of growing longest moustache that measures up to 14 feet that is almost the double his height. Usually Indian are known for growing long moustache but Ram Singh went a step ahead to be in the Guinness book of records.

Heaviest Weight Lifted by Human Beard

weightlifting records
Greatest Weight Lifted by Human Beard

For people who are wondering the uses of beard, this man showed that beards are not only grown for fashion but also to lift weights. A man named Antanas Kontrimas from Lithuania lifted a woman weighing a whopping 63.8 Kgs using only his beard.

Most Piercings in a Lifetime

most piercings on body
most piercings on body

Many people are scared to get any sort of piercings and this woman from Brazil named Elaine Davidson got pierced a record 4,225 times and she’s still adding more to her body, mainly on her face. She loves piercings, tattoos and even sticks feathers to her hairs!

Most Toothpicks in a Beard

toothpicks in beard
toothpicks in beard

A man named Joel Strasser from United States held 3,500 tooth picks in his beard. He took up to 3 and half hours to place all those tooth picks and got his name in the Guinness world records.

Most Plastic Surgeries

	most plastic surgeries

most plastic surgeries

It’s common nowadays to undergo plastic surgery to make some part of our body to look better and then there’s this lady named Cindy Jackson who underwent as many as 47 plastic surgeries!

World’s Biggest Condom

biggest condom
biggest condom in the world

An Italian fashion brand named Benetton built world’s largest condom in an aim to raise awareness about the use of condoms. They made a condom which was as long as 15 feet and was showcased in Paris.


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