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Ever since the quarantine started, many problems were created and one of them was staying at home. For many people especially the fitness enthusiasts, it was troubling as they couldn’t get out of their houses. With all the gyms closed, many people might worry that they might lose what they’ve gained. Staying at home the whole day with almost no work to do, people might get super lazy and sleep all the time. For people who worry about their fitness and want to lose some calories easily at home, we have listed some of the simple home workouts that can keep you active and make you fit in this quarantine. Here are the list of exercises to workout at home.

Push Ups

home workouts for men
Push Up Excercise

The most common and probably the well-known exercise in the world is push ups. Push ups are one of the first exercises to be taught at gyms and fitness centres. It can take some time to learn a proper push up but it’ll be worth the try. Push ups are suggested not only to beginners but also to advanced trainers. Push ups is one of those simplest exercises that works very well on building strong chest and shoulders. You can try doing push ups for at least 3 sets with as many reps as possible to get a solid chest and shoulder strength.


home workouts for legs
Squats Excercise

Probably squats reminds us of those childhood days when they were the most painful punishments to complete. Those who still hate squats might want to start doing squats to get the best of benefit for their legs. Again squats is one of those most basic workouts with reap of benefits. Squats are done by the beginners to the most advanced gym goers. Squats works on strengthening hamstrings and quads. 50 squats per day is the best way to start.


home workouts for women
Lunges Excercise

Lunges is another leg work out that not only work on strengthening quads and hamstring but also on hip, glutes and core. There are different forms of lunges that one can practice. Side lunges, reverse lunges and walking lunges are some of the types of lunges that you can try at home. 3 rounds of 20 lunges will help beginners to strengthen their lower body.


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Crunches Excercise

Probably crunches are the well-known abs workout out there. Crunches has very good effects on the core and helps you in getting those six packs or probably even eight packs. Crunches strengthens the whole core area giving you the most solid looks. Worst part about crunches is that it takes a toll on lower back so try to keep the number of rounds less. 2 sets of 15 crunches each will work wonders.


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Planks Excercise

Planks are another set of well-known core workouts that are also proven to be the most effective workouts. Even experienced people find it tough to perform a plank for more than a minute. Planks are also known to be the most effective ways to reduce belly fat. Doing planks every day will reduce the belly fat exponentially. Perform at least 3 minutes of planks every day with rest in between if you want those well placed abs.


home workouts for weight loss
Burpees Excercise

Burpees is the simplest of cardio exercises who wants to stay at home and hate running. Burpees effectively increases your cardio activities and get those calories burnt in easy and simpler way. Perform Burpees at least twice a week for up to at least 100 counts so that you don’t run out of breathe soon and keep those calories burning.

Side Kicks

home workouts for belly fat
Side Kick Excercise

Sidekicks is probably the easiest exercise as you just have to lift your legs sideways. Sidekicks mainly works on glutes. It also works on hips and core. Performing sidekicks makes your glutes stronger which in turn gives good support to lower back. Perform up to 


Superman Excercise

Superman is a kind of stretching exercise that works right on the lower back. Lower back is probably one of the most delicate parts. Working on lower back is important as it strengthens both upper and lower body. Performing superman for at least minute or two will have some good effects on the lower back.


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