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There’s always a question of who’ll be initiating sex first and how often do we initiate. Well, now based on research, scientists have come to a conclusion saying that men are fast forward in initiating the sex and they do it 3 times more often than women in a long term relationship.

There’s already a study taken up by other group of scientists which showed that the men had desired for more sex than women in a relationship or marriage. It also showed that men refuse sex very rarely and most men were ready to sacrifice few things for sex, whereas women were happy with their sexual life and very few women desired to have more sex.

The study by a bunch of scientists was published in the journal of Evolutionary Behavioural Sciences. The study suggests that there are two factors that matters in how often women take the initiative at all. These 2 factors include their attitude towards casual sex and their passion.

The researchers included several factors in their study of how often couple initiate sex and some of the factors included,  how happy people are in their relationship, how much they trust each other, how committed they feel to their partner, how intimate they are and the love they have between them. The researchers also got in some thoughts about the other factors which play a role in the frequency of intercourse among couples in a long term committed relationship. 

“Passion in a relationship between two couples is of great importance for intercourse frequency,” said one of the frontman of the research, Trond Viggo Grontvedt from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

sex in marriage

“Passion is the only one of these many factors that matter between couples in a long term relationship. We didn’t find any association between any of the other aspects and how often people have sex in a relationship,” he added.

This study gathered 92 couples aged between 19 and 30. Relationships among this gathering varied in length from one month to nine years, with an average relationship time being just under two years. On an average, the couples had sex two to three times a week. The study also showed that longer the relationship had lasted, the less often the couples had sex.

The study also revealed that desire for other people out of their relationship reduces passion for the current partner. “Strong sexual fantasies about others other than the partner don’t mix well with passion in a relationship,” said Mons Bendixen who is an associate professor at NTNU.


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