mob attacks doctors

In one of the examples of inhumanity, a mob of over 100 people have attacked the hospital workers after one of their family members died of Covid-19. This happened in Belagavi district of Karnataka where a patient of 55 years of age died of Covid-19.

Soon after the man died, the family members of the patient grouped together and started pelting stones at the hospital. The mob behaved in a very inhumane way by even attacking the hospital staff. The angry mob even went on to torch an ambulance and break window glasses of the hospitals. Even after the police arrived, the mob didn’t stop their rampage and went on to pelt stones at the police car.

The police later said that section 144 would be imposed and the security would be provided to the hospital. Even the hospital’s director expressed his sorrow about the incident of how the people behaved in a very inhumane way.

Even though the rules have been set up that anyone who assaults any health worker during the pandemic would be arrested, it hasn’t been of use. Since the pandemic started there have been many cases of mob assaulting the health care workers. Even the prime minister has warned of a stringent action but the people don’t care much.

With situations like this arising, the healthcare workers who are in the first line of getting affected by the virus are getting scared by people more than the virus.

There are many incidents and viral videos where people affected by the virus have spat on and assaulted doctors on duty. One of the incidents that went viral was when doctors were assaulted in Indore.

People has to act more mature and should understand the scenario during the tough times.


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