reuniting family

There were times when if people, especially kids once lost from their family would never return back to their family. But now times have changed thanks to the rise of social media. There are many instances where people were united with their family through the help of social media. Even though social media is having a bad influence on the younger generation, it has also been helpful at certain points. In such a case a deaf boy who got lost when he was just 10 years has reunited with his family after 9 years. Thanks to the online classes that are taking place due to COVID-19 situation, the boy got to meet his family again.

A boy named Abdul who is currently studying in Patiala lost his family at a Fatehgarh Sahib fair. With the help of a truck driver, he reached Patiala alone as he couldn’t speak anything. After some time a man named Gurnam Singh noticed 10-year-old Abdul and took him in. As Abdul couldn’t speak anything he just wrote the names of his parents. As Gurnam Singh couldn’t get in many details, he and his wife took care of him and joined him to a school for the deaf.

As time passed by, Abdul cleared his school and was continuing studies in Patiala. He was offered accommodation at the school premises where he stayed all these years. As all the educational institutes are closed due to Covid-19, classes were held online. As to pass on notes to his friends, Abdul used Facebook and that’s when he found one of his friends from his childhood. Contacting his friend, he was able to locate his real parents who were residing in Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh.

Abdul got in touch with his father and was happier than ever. Even Abdul’s father was seen very happy and he was thankful for the school authorities and Gurnam Singh’s family who took care of him all these years. Abdul’s father said that he was even happy to witness that his son is completing his education. Abdul’s father has decided to bring his son back home where his whole family is waiting for him.


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