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Poonam Pandey might not be a house hold name now, but there was a time when Poonam
Pandey was the talk of the town and hottest B-town celebrity. Poonam Pandey is also
famous for her controversial statements and uploads on her social media page.
Recently she posted a video named bedtime stories on her Instagram page and gave a
glimpse of that video which can make any guy’s heart pounding. The 30 second clip shows
her moving her hand all across her bikini-clad body.

Poonam Pandey Website
Poonam Pandey

The whole video can be watched on her website, www.thepoonampandeyapp.com. The mini clip sure did give sleepless nights to a lot of guys and gave something for her fans and followers to rejoice.
Poonam Pandey came to spotlight as a model when she was one of the top contestants in
Gladrags Manhunt and mega models contest. She acted in a few movies which didn’t make
much sound in the theatres. She then gave up acting and concentrated more on her social
media page and kept posting her personal photos and videos regularly.

She was the talk of the town when she posted that she would strip if India won 2011 World
Cup at Wankhade Stadium, which they eventually won and Poonam disappointed her fans
by not keeping up to her words. Then she issued a statement that the BCCI did not permit her to strip in the stadium. There are a lot of naked and semi-naked pictures of Poonam
Pandey making trips around the internet, which were uploaded by herself. She gained a lot
of fame and followers overnight as she uploaded her nude picture on her social media page.
Poonam Pandey also had an app for herself which was later deleted in the Google Playstore
for being too erotic. She then made a web page of herself called www.thepoonampandeyapp.com, where she uploads her photos and her daily life routines
for her followers. Even though she received a lot of criticism for posting nude photos from
media to social activists, her followers grew and so did her fame. She had even received life threats from many right wing outfits. She hasn’t cared much about it then and even now she continues to be a star and her followers keeps rising.
You can also follow her on her Instagram page and get all the latest updates about her life and can also get a glimpse of her private photos.


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