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Rabi Peerzada is a famous Pakistani anchor and a pop singer. Rabi Peerzada is mostly known for creating controversies. Recently, she made headlines for threatening a suicide attack on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She is once again in the news regarding her private life. Her nude photos and videos have been leaked on social media and it has gone viral oo Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter.

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Rabi Pirzada

After the leak of her private videos, she has requested people of not spreading her photos
and videos on any of the social media. Recently two videos including a nude photo of Rabi
Pirzada had gone viral on social media. While some of them are criticising her for her private video leaks, some social media users are lending her support and asking people not to share any of her private videos because it’s her own personal life. While no one’s quite sure of who might have spread her private videos or who leaked it, some users tweeted that it might be the work of her ex-boyfriend, Asif Ghafoor. After the leak of her private videos.

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Rabi Peerzada has been in the show business for more than 15 years. She started her career in 2004 and her first song was a super hit. She stole the show with her glamorous looks. She was on top of her career after 2010. She’s starred in many TV shows. She also hosted TV shows and also has starred in few movies.

She’s married to Tariq Shah and is leading a very good personal life since then. But, ever since her private video leak, she has hidden herself from all the media and from the world. Rabi Peerzada had been the face of Pakistani media and television by taking up the roles of anchor, television host, producer and a singer for more than a decade. At the same time, some people are also associating this incident with Rabi’s X boyfriend. One user wrote Rabi Peerzada’s X boyfriend spread this video. He had Rabi’s iCloud password.


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