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Drinking or soaking of Garri is common among Nigerian students especially the ones in secondary school and it has become one of the most important meals across Africa.

Garri is one of the most common farms produced in Nigeria with different forms of processing and manufacturing. There are many surprising health benefits that one can get from Garri. Here are some of the health benefits that make Garri the best.

1- Aids in Digestion

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Garri is highly rich in fibre which mainly helps in digestion. Garri can be eaten in many ways. It can be soaked in cold water with milk. When consumed, the fibre content in Garri helps in quick digestion and sustains one from hunger for long time. It also eliminates the chances of constipation.

The fibre content in Garri also helps in weight loss as it reduces appetite. Garri also reduces the chances of other health conditions such as heart and other cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes.

Cassava contains starch which is known as resistant starch because it doesn’t get absorbed fully in the digestive system. This is beneficial to the body because it helps in removing cholesterol present in the system after it gets attached to them thereby acting like a soluble fibre.

Eating Garri also helps in the reduction of glucose in the blood which is beneficial for Diabetic patients.

2-Improves Immune System

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Garri contains minerals such as copper and magnesium which helps in keeping the immune system healthy. These minerals also play a vital role in maintaining healthy bones, nerves and immune system. People eating Garri have a lower risk of getting osteoporosis.

3-Promote Eye health

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Garri contains the compound known as bakarotennya, which helps to prevent blindness. The presence of Vitamin A in Garri helps in the prevention of poor sight as well, as far as it is consumed in moderation.

Most importantly, Garri has to be processed well to avoid eye problems which are caused by the cyanide present in not-so-well processed Garri.

4-Energizes and Cools the Body

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Research shows that a bowl of Garri has 360 calories of which 99% is Carbohydrate. Soaked Garri provides a certain amount of energy as mentioned above which the human body needs to maintain daily health and life. It also acts as a cooling factor to the body in hot weather when consumed soaked in cold water with milk.

5-Prevents Cancer

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This might have never been heard of by many people and therefore it may seem too difficult to believe, but this is a fact proven by many research articles.

Experiments have shown that the presence of B17 vitamin (Amygdalin) and fibre in Garri help to stimulate the red blood cells and prevent the stomach from Cancer.

6-Reduce Age-Related Illness

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Studies have also shown that one cup of Garri contains up to 15% of folate that the body requires in a day as well as 47% of the body’s overall calcium requirement.

Folate also plays an integral role in pregnant women in the aspect of foetal development and helps reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.


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