most haunted places around the world

World is a beautiful place with so many wonders of nature that are breath-taking. At the same time our world also houses some of the spookiest places that can scare the life out of anyone. No matter in which country we are there’ll always be some haunted place that give creeps. We’ve listed some of the most haunted places in the world and they are listed below.

Tower of London, England

most haunted places
Tower of London

A magnificent piece of architecture and a beautiful palace built in 1066 by William the Conqueror. Looking at the palace no one’s going to believe that this place is haunted. Famous for executions of prisoners, Tower of London has a bloody history. Even members of the royal family like Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard, wives of Henry VIII and two daughters of King Edward IV were executed and prisoned here. There are many stories heard throughout the centuries about people who were executed. It is believed that the palace is still haunted by them and their soul’s scream can be heard.

Bhangarh Fort, India

Most haunted places in india
Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh fort is locate in Rajasthan and is about 100 km from the capital city, Delhi. Bhangarh fort has made a name for itself as the most haunted fort in India. Entry into the Bhangarh fort after sunset is restricted as there are stories that whoever visits the fort after the sunset will be possessed by the ghosts. There are two stories circling around the ghostly Bhangarh fort in which one saint casts black magic on the princess and the whole town which lead to the death of the whole town including the princess and their souls were trapped within the fort. People believe that these souls trouble them even today by breaking the roof of the houses. None of the houses in the nearby village has roofs and whosoever builds roof would see it collapse within next day.

Hoia-Bacui Forest, Romania

most haunted places in world
Hoia- Bacui Forest

Hoia-Bacui forest is the most famous haunted forest in Europe. Also known as Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania, Hoia-Bacui forest came into limelight after one of the military guys identified an “UFO” near the forests in the 60s. Local people believe that the forest is some kind of portal to another realm and whoever come back visiting the forests will experience nausea, anxiety and some kind of rashes. All those curvy trees in the forests especially on a foggy day makes the place spooky.

Eastern State Penitentiary, United States of America

most haunted place on earth
Eastern State Penitentiary

This castle like building built in the 1800’s is one of the most famous haunted places in the US. It was built to punish all the wrong doer and criminals in the 19th century and there are many stories of how gravely the criminals were treated. Some of them were held and their tongue was chained to their wrists. Many prisoners had died in the Penitentiary between 19th and 20th century. The site is currently the hottest place to experience paranormal activity. Even now screams, incorporeal laughter and heavy foots steps can be heard every now and then especially during the full moon days.

Chateau de Brissac, France

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Chateau de Brissac

This castle is located in the Brissac-Quince community in France. Chateau de Brissac is one of the tallest castles in France and is definitely a treat to the eyes. Now turned into a residence hotel, Chateau de Brissac was the residence of the 13th Duke of Brissac. This castle is famous for the stories of “the Green Lady” or the ghost of Charlotte of France. According to the stories surrounding the paranormal activities in castle, Princess Charlotte, daughter of King Charles VII was killed by her husband after he got to know about her illicit relationship. Since then, her soul roams around the castle laughing and moaning in the early morning. Her ghost got the name of the “Green Lady” as she was wearing a green gown when she was murdered.

The Langham Hotel, England

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Langham Hotel

Langham Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in London not only for its hotel features but also for the spirits wandering inside the hotel. The hotel is more than 150 years old and has hosted some of the famous people during its time. In 2014, some of the England Cricket team players who were staying at the hotel said to have experienced lights turning on automatically, door banging and someone walking around the room. Langham Hotel is also said to be having some of the elite ghosts of Emperor Louis Napoleon III of France and a German prince. Both said to have committed suicide by jumping off the windows.

Obvodny Canal, Russia

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Obvodny Canal

This five miles long canal is located in St. Petersburg, Russia has a spooky background. This canal is also known as Suicide Canal. It was constructed in the 18th century and there are stories that the workers would simply jump into the canal, experience severe headaches and even feel sudden burst of violence between the workers. There are number of suicides that has happened in this area and those who were saved say that they doesn’t have any idea about why they jump and some say that they feel some force pulling them into the canal without their knowledge. There are also sights of a woman in white dress floating beneath the water and many souls wandering inside the canal to get out.


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