severed penis

People have many different fetishes and some of them have very weird ones. Similarly, a guy with a fetish for men’s genitals was arrested after police found severed penises and testicles in his freezer.

A man from Australia’s Brisbane named Ryan Andrew King was arrested and police are guessing that there is a huge underground fetish ring connection with this incident. A few people had called out for police after there were reports that a guy had severed his testicle and flushed it into a toilet in a backpacker’s hostel. The victim was admitted to the nearest hospital in Brisbane and was treated.

After the police investigated further, it came to notice that Ryan Andrew King was with the victim and he was the one who had severed the testicle of the victim after his consent. It was reported that Ryan Andrew was allegedly carrying a cryopen with which the testicles were cut. A cryopen is usually used by doctors to cut warts on the skin.


After Ryan Andrew King was arrested, his house was raided by the police in Brisbane and later found another set of testicles and penis in his freezer. The police were shocked by looking at another set of severed testicles and penis and weren’t sure about to whom it belonged. The police found that Ryan King had thought himself about how to castrate by watching videos online.

After interrogating Ryan King, the police got to know that he and the victim had connections through a fetish website and were planning on this incident for several months. After discussing the plans, both met at a backpacker’s hostel in Brisbane. The cops are now investigating the fetish ring which might involve many people around the country.


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