haunted places in banglore

Bangalore is known for its lush life, never ending traffic, growing population and it’s famous IT companies. But not many know that Bangalore also houses some of the creepiest and haunted places. Bangalore has been in prominence for more than 500 years and it has its own share of ghost stories that can give anyone the creeps. There are many cemeteries and old bungalows which has been left in the dust. These places are haunted by the spirits and ghosts or at least that’s where many ghost stories are originated. Here are some of the most haunted places in Bangalore which you can visit at any time (preferably in the night if you want to see or hear ghosts).

Terra Vera

Tera Vera House
Tera Vera Banglore

An old haunted and demolished house on St. Mark’s road is one of the oldest and haunted bungalows in Bangalore. It belonged to Vera family and it was abandoned after the murder of one of the house owners named Dolce Vaz by an unknown assailant in 2002. Since then strange things had been happening around the bungalow. People who walk around this place especially in the night say that they experience sudden drop in temperatures around them and also hear a woman screaming in pain. There are other demonic signs around the house such as inverted cross signs. If you want to experience something spooky, then you have to visit this place.

Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital Banglore Address
Victoria Hospital Banglore

No one’s going to believe is someone says that hospital can be haunted by spirits. Well it can be true in some cases and it’s very true in the case of Victoria Hospital. It is a century old hospital and is one of the oldest government hospitals in Bangalore. Victoria Hospital is located in the heart of the city near KR Market. People who visit here, especially the hospital staff who work here at night said to have seen a white figure moving across the halls at night, crying. It is said to be the ghost of a woman who died severely decades ago, probably in the 80s. Hospital staff also say that the ghost here is a foodie who loves to take away the food packets that are left here overnight. So, grab a food packet and move around in the night to see a ghost lady at Victoria Hospital.

Bangalore International Airport

banglore international airport jobs
Bangalore International Airport

This can be surprising for anyone as thousands of people travel from here and it’ll be full at any time of the day. Kempegowda International Airport is said to have built not only on barren lands and farm lands, but also on an old cemetery. Many construction workers during the construction of airport said to have seen a white lady walking around. There was also an instance few years ago when a pilot said to have seen a lady with a white saree and she kept on growing till she touched the sky. There were times where the officials who caught a lady trespassing magically disappeared without their notice. Even the drivers who take to Airport said to have experience the lady disappearing after getting into the cab. People believe it’s all the same ghost which likes to roam around freely.

Kalpalli Cemetery

Kallpalli cemetry
Kalpalli Cemetery Banglore

Kalpalli Cemetery or St. John’s Cemetery is one of the oldest cemetery in Bangalore. Located in Cox town, this cemetery lives up to the cemetery standards as one of the scariest cemeteries. People who move across the cemetery, especially in the night said to have experienced a lot of strange activities. There were reports of an old man walking around in a white dress at night, a lady in a white saree with loose hairs walking around and asking for directions. People suddenly disappearing when approached are some of the experiences that many people got to see. People also say that whenever they move across Kalpalli Cemetery, they feel someone’s watching them and an old man gazing at them and then disappearing. If you have a dream of meeting a ghost then, you might have to walk around Kalpalli Cemetery after the sun goes down.

Carlton Towers

Carlton Towers Fire
Carlton Towers Banglore

Bengalureans would definitely remember Carlton Towers, which got engulfed by a fire incident killing many people. Some of them even jumped from the last floor to save themselves from the fire. After the fire incident, there were reports that people could hear loud cries coming from the towers. There were also incidents where people could hear someone asking for their help from behind, when turned back they would disappear.


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