bag of chips viral

Who doesn’t love a bag of chips and everyone wants more chips than what we actually get. All the brands contain too less number of chips for 10 rupees. No one is quite sure how many chips each brand offers in 10 rupees packets. So to make it easier for everyone, a twitter user compared which brands provide more chips in 10 rupees packets. The user took out Lays, Bingo and Haldirams potato chips packets to find out who offers more.

The most unexpected winner was Haldirams which offered more chips for 10 rupees than Bingo and Lays. As always Lays has come up at last.

People on Twitter have lauded the Twitter handle for coming up with the results of chips. While some of them appreciated the twitter handle’s work, others weren’t happy with the results. As the tweet went viral, more and more tweeple went on to comment. While some people defended the number of chips that Lays provides, others weren’t happy even a bit as they trolled Lays.

Some people defended Lays saying different companies have different standards of making chips and numbers always doesn’t matter. Many others chose Bingo to be the best brand as they provide an equal number of chips as well as the good taste.

Other tweeple were so happy with this result that they wanted the user to come up with all the different brands. There are many brands in India and each of them are very different from the taste and ingredients. As the new brands are coming up, it is going to be a hard task to complete.


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