places to visit in karnataka in summer season

Summer is coming and everyone from kids to adults wants to have a summer vacation and visit the best tourist places all around. Summer season is when it’s best to go out in the sun and have some fun. It might get too hot sometimes but where is the fun if we spend all the time at home. So, some of the best tourist destinations are compiled together for you to visit in Karnataka during summer season.


Best River rafting place in karnataka
Dandeli River Rafting

One of the top places for river rafting in Karnataka, Dandeli stands tall when it comes to adventure sports in Karnataka. Those who loves adventure and also wants to have fun in a limited time, Dandeli is the best bet. Various adventure sports such as canoeing, river rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, trekking can be done at Dandeli. Dandeli is at the centre of nature surrounded by forests and a river. There are many homestays that offers rooms to stay and also offers access to different adventure sports. Dandeli is about 470 km from Bangalore.


Vijaya Nagara Empire Capital

One of UNESCO’s world heritage sites, Hampi is also one of the preserved historical places in India. Once a capital of Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi is filled with temples and palaces as old as 500 years. Hampi attracts millions of tourists from India and also around the world. Hampi should always be on top of the list for historians and people who love archaeology. Hampi speaks a lot about the Hindu culture and there are many carvings that depict various parts of Hindu mythology. Hampi is a family friendly place and sometimes weather can play a spoil sport where the temperature can get as high as 40 degrees during the mid-summer season. Leaving the weather behind, Hampi is a great place for people who loves to have a family time. Hampi is around 350 km from Bangalore.


Mysore Palace built by Wodeyars
Mysore Palace

Not having Mysore among the best places to visit is like not having jamun among best sweets list. Historical city, city of palaces, sandalwood city are some of the names given to Mysore. Ruled by the Wodeyar dynasty for more than 500 years, Mysore state was one of the richest states. Mysore was the name of the state before it was changed to Karnataka in 1973. Mysore is famous for world famous Mysore Dussera. Mysore is another best place to visit family. More than a day should be reserved if people want to see whole of Mysore as there are many tourist places in and around Mysore, mostly temples. Mysore has its own standards when it comes to tourist places. Mysore is around 175 km from Bangalore.


Place where highest rainfall happens in karnataka

Agumbe is a hill station located in Shimoga district. Surrounded by rainforest and mountains Agumbe makes you feel you are in a green heaven. Agumbe is famous for its sunset and sunrise point, which is the best part of that place. Agumbe can make you fall in love with the nature very easily. Agumbe is around 350 km from Bangalore.


Famous beaches of karnataka
Manglore Beach

Mangalore is like an underdog among the tourist places in Karnataka. Located along the costal lines, Mangalore is one of the top tier II cities in Karnataka. Mangalore is known for its beaches and Indian Naval base. There are many temples and tourist places within 100 km radius of Mangalore. Mangalore is one of the best choices to visit during summer with family. Its beaches attract a lot of visitors especially during summer. Mangalore is also a centre for many Catholic Churches. Mangalore is around 350 km from Bangalore.


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