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Bangalore is a place to party and Bengalureans love to party. Once the weekend kick starts, party mood kicks in. Nowadays, along with the alcohol, Bengalureans have got a taste for Hookah. There are many arguments that’s been going on from a very long time. Some people argue that Hookah is bad for health whereas some feel it’s not harmful in any way. Good or bad, people love to take a puff on a pipe. There are very less Hookah bars and all of them are the best ones. Puffing on a pipe, listening to some good music is one of the best ways to chill out and take things off your head. Here are some of the top hookah bars in Bangalore to pay a visit with friends.

Rasta Café

Rasta Cafe Banglore
Rasta cafe, Mysore Road

If you are in Bangalore, then you should definitely pay a visit to Rasta Café. Rasta Café is one of the top Hookah bars in Bangalore. There are two Rasta Café’s in Bangalore, one on Bangalore-Mysore highway and one in Brigade road. If you are going for a night drive towards Mysore, drive is incomplete without paying a visit to Rasta Café. If you are a night owl, then you’ll definitely love Rasta as they’ll be open till 4 am and they also have wide varieties of foods in their menu. The one on Mysore-Bangalore highway has an outdoor seating as well which is a great way to enjoy a Hookah. So don’t forget to pay a visit to Rasta Café and enjoy some Hookah.

Kargreen Café

Kargeen cafe kormangala
Kargeen cafe

If your first preference while visiting any Café is ambience, then you should definitely visit Kargreens Café. Located on the busy street of Koramangala, Kargreens Café offers different varieties of Hookah and the best part is the tasty foods. There are different varieties of both veg and non-veg foods which you’ll definitely love. They have a very different seating arrangements with sofa and swings and you can definitely chill out if you are with friends. Kargreens Café is also one of the cheapest Hookah bars in Bangalore. Kargreens Café also offers happy hours when you can get a Hookah of different flavours only at 250 rupees. So get out there and visit Kargreens.

Mudpipe Café

Mudpipe cafe jp nagar
Mudpipie cafe banglore

Another famous Hookah bar in Bangalore is Mudpipe Café. There are three different branches of Mudpipe café, One in Cunningham road, and one in Hosur road near Christ College and another in Bannerghatta road. Mudpipe café offers wide varieties of Hookah of different flavours. Mudpipe Café also offers happy hours from Monday to Friday when Hookah are offered at cheaper rates than usual. You’ll love the interiors and the great music that’s played all the time. What else is required when you have wide varieties of Hookah on the table and a great music to listen? And Mudpipe Café offers both.

Dr. Sheesha Café

sheesha cafe kormangala
Dr. Sheesha Cafe Banglore

Dr. Sheesha Café is located in JP Nagar and you’ll definitely love the place because of roof top arrangements. Hookah menu at Dr. Sheesha varies from Supari to peach and vanilla. They also provide bases of coconut water, red bull and many more. Light food will keep you going along with the light music, especially in the night. Dr. Sheesha offers great ambience which you’ll love more than the Hookah itself.

Hungry Hippie

hungry Hippie kormangala
Hungry Hippie Banglore

Hungry Hippie is in Kormangala near Jyothi Nivas College. Being on the top floor, you’ll just love the atmosphere of the Café and the art that’s covering the whole café. Hungry Hippie again has wide range of Hookah flavours on their menu and also the delicious food that can go with Hookah. Hungry Hippie also offer happy hours during times and they will be giving different offers on Hookah every now and then. If you are anywhere around Kormangala, then just pay a visit to Hungry Hippie.

Café Mist

Cafe Mist mysore
Cafe Mist, Nandi Hills

One of the very few cafes that offer a very friendly and cosy vibes. You’ll love the wooden seating arrangements and the Hookah that Café Mist offers. Located in JP Nagar, you’ll get some of the cheapest Hookah over here. During the happy hours, you can get 2 Hookah of different flavours at only 500 rupees. You can also choose the combos they have on the menu for both hookah and food. Once you visit Café Mist, the atmosphere and Hookah over there will be calling you back again for another round.


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