best rooftop restaurants near me

Bangalore has a long list of top restaurants which provide great food and rooftop restaurants are something worth experiencing. Whether it’s a dinner date or a romantic dinner with your loved ones, visiting rooftop restaurants on a breezy evening can make your day much better. Rooftop restaurants are known for their breath taking views and great ambience. Here are some of the best rooftop restaurants that provide a great view of the city and also provide quality food.


Skyye bar
Skyye Bar, UB City

Skyye located on top floor of UB City is one of the posh rooftop restaurants in Bangalore. Skyye offers a great view of the city, especially during the night. Skyye is a great place to spend some quality time with friends and have drinks and chit chat. Skyye offers great ambience and lives up to its expectations in terms of quality of food.

High Ultra Lounge

High Ultra Lounge menu
High Ultra Lounge, Banglore

High Ultra Lounge is termed as one of the best rooftop restaurants in Bangalore. Located in Dr. Rajkumar road on top of the world trade centre. The view of the city from more than 450 feet is something mesmerising to watch. The place will make you feel you are on top of the world. They have a wide range of tasty foods on their menu and drinks served along with the food completes the menu. High Ultra Lounge provides a wide variety of menu. You need to visit High Ultra Lounge at least to see how it feels to be on top.

Om Made Café

Om Made cafe in banglore
Om Made Cafe, Banglore

Located in Koramangala, Om Made Café is a very simple and well-maintained café. It gives the complete view of Koramangala from the rooftop. Om Made Café gives you a very peaceful vibe as soon as you enter and you’ll just fall in love with the quality of ambience they provide and the food they serve matches their ambience. Weekends will be crowded and you might have to reserve seats on Saturdays because of too many bookings. Enjoy a peaceful evening with your loved ones along with good food at Om Made Café.

Bang, The Ritz Carlton

bang the ritz-carlton banglore
Bang the Ritz Carlton

Who doesn’t love to enjoy a breezy evening on top of the Ritz Carlton towers with food and drinks? Bang on top of Ritz Carlton towers has a crazy rooftop view, and it also offers some of the best food and cocktails that you don’t want to miss. It is located in residency road and is difficult to get reservations on weekends. If you are planning for a simple outing with friends to any rooftop cafes, you should give Bang a try.

Ebony Restaurant

ebony rooftop restaurant in banglore
Ebony Restaurant Banglore

If you are looking to spend a romantic evening and a candlelight dinner with your partner, you should definitely visit Ebony Restaurant. Ebony restaurant is in MG road and it offers a magnificent view of the busiest part of the city. Soft music and delightful food menu are the highlights of the restaurant. You’ll love the place if you are visiting after the sun sets because of all the arrangements and bright candle lights. Even the food is much cheaper compared to all other rooftop restaurants. Your visit to Ebony restaurant is definitely worth it.

The Tao Terraces

the tao terraces in banglore
The Tao Terraces Banglore

If you are looking for any roof tops that have some cool architecture and pretty well-maintained place, then you should definitely visit The Tao Terraces. It is in Swami Vivekananda Road and they serve some crazy and unique cuisines. The Tao Terraces also have a pretty view of Bangalore, and spending an evening at The Tao Terraces with some good food is the best way to spend some quality time. The whole lighting arrangements and décor will brighten up your moods instantaneously. If you are looking to go on a date, don’t forget to visit The Tao Terraces.


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