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We are in a world where we cannot live without social media. Social media has become an integral part of one’s daily life. With the rise of social media, social media marketing came into existence and right now it is one of the top growing jobs with the growth rate expected to be over 8 per cent this year.

There are a lot of qualities that a social media marketer need to possess and one of them is to handle different social media platforms in the right way. To make social media marketer’s life easy, there are many social media marketing tools that keep their life simple. Social media marketing tools helps social media marketer to analyse issues and handle various social media accounts easily. Here are some of the best social media marketing tools available in the market.


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Hootsuite App

Hootsuite is one of the most used social media tools to handle different social media accounts. Hootsuite has some of the best features among social media marketing tools. Hundreds of posts can be scheduled to be posted at once and at the time we want it to be posted. Social media presence can be improved with Hootsuite as it helps in organising the posts and saving the required posts in the cloud. Hootsuite can be used for free for 30 days after registration.


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Buffer Social Tool

Buffer is another social media marketing tool that is used to share the posts in different social media accounts simultaneously. Its best features are of automation. Buffer allows you to share content automatically according to your schedule. Posts can be posted even while browsing with the buffer browser extension. Buffer also allows you to analyse and review the content before posting it to social media platforms. Up to 25 members can use buffer together and buffer also provides a free trial.


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Talkwalker Tool

Talkwalker can be called as the top social media tool of 21st century. Talkwalker is a game-changer in the social media marketing market. Talkwalker is AI-powered automated technology that monitors real-time online conversations and analyses them at that moment. Talkwalker covers every news, social media and blog and other websites in over 180 languages. It also has image tracking technology that can track up to 30,000 online images at a time. Texts and visuals can be analysed at the same time with Talkwalker. Customised dashboards can be prepared and our own recorded data can be added into it which makes data tracking easy. Various social media reports and analytics can be tracked with Talkwalker and it also allows to double up the campaigns with the help of virality map feature.

Sprout Social

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Sprout Social App

Sprout Social is one of many social media management tools that helps you to form connections with the people or group who likes your brand. Sprout Social helps you to form a community of people interested in your business. With a 30-day free trial, Sprout Social is the best collaborative platform to handle all the social media conversations.


Tagboard tool
Tagboard App

Tagboard is one of the best tools to collect all the social media data and analyse it. It also helps in checking the posts live and also customising the display and layouts with its Tagboard live tool. Tagboard provides proper means for social advertising. It provides proper real-time data and notifications of all the social media posts and it also has many social media metrics and integrations.

Post Planner

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Post Planner App

Post planner is one of the widely used social media marketing tool. Post planner is one of the best tools for businesses which are growing to make an impact on social media. Post Planner can be used to curate only the relevant posts for your business and share them with ease. It also provides ratings for every social media post on different platforms. Post Planner is a valuable tool for content moderation in social media.


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Sprinkle App

Sprinklr is one of a kind social media marketing tool that performs four different functions such as social engagement, social advertising, social advocacy and customer analysation. This can be of best use for agencies handling social media marketing specifically. Sprinklr provides insights on the market trends, audience engagement and competition. Sprinklr derives data from different social media platforms to analyse the effectiveness of your posts across different platforms. It also helps in responding to various conversations related to a particular post or brand posted by you. Overall, Sprinklr is the best multi-platform tool.


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