trekking places near bangalore within 100 km

Trekking is exciting and enjoyable, it’s an experience that cannot be forgotten and Bangalore is surrounded by many hillocks that are perfect for trekking. A trekking plan on a weekend is all we need to refresh our minds and enjoy what nature has for us. Here are some of the trekking places nearby Bangalore.

  1. Nandi Hills
Banglore to Nandi hills
Nandi hills Banglore

There’s no one who are staying in Bangalore and hasn’t heard of Nandi Hills. Nandi Hills is a go-to place for Bangaloreans especially on weekends. The view is majestic specially the early mornings and evenings. Nandi Hills has Tipu’s summer palace on top and also has sun rise and sun set points. Nandi Hills is around 60 km from Bangalore and one can choose to trek along the roads that leads to the top of the hill. Entry to Nandi Hills will open after 6 AM and close by 6 PM.

  1. Skandagiri
skandagiri trek
Skandagiri Banglore

Another famous trekking place around Bangalore, Skandagiri hills is about 10 km from Nandi Hills. Same as Nandi Hills, Skandagiri has beautiful morning and evening views. Skandagiri is surrounded by many smaller hillocks and it is famous for being a tougher trekking hill than others. Skandagiri is about 70 km from Bangalore. Those who love trekking will definitely enjoy the place.

  1. Anthargange
Anthargange night trek
Anthargange Trek (c)google

Anthargange is located in Kolar district and is about 10 km from Kolar city. Anthargange is a very holy place and it is also known as Dhakshin Khashi. There’s a small temple of Shiva on the way to the top. Anthargange is surrounded by smaller peaks, small and big boulders and many caves. It is believed that one of the caves will directly lead to Khashi which was used in the ancient times by rishis. Anthargange is about 70 km from Bangalore. Journey to the top gets tricky and tougher as there are lots of bushes, but the view after reaching the top of the hill makes it all worth it.

  1. Savanadurga
Savandurga trek
Savandurga Hills

Savanadurga is near Magadi thaluk and is about 60 km from Bangalore. It is one of the largest Monoliths in Asia. Savanadurga is a perfect hill for adventurers, rock climbers and trekkers. There is a small temple on top of the hill for Nandi. The view from top of the hill is amazing and is worth the trek.

  1. Devarayana Durga
Devarayana durga temple
Devarayana Durga Hills

Devarayana Durga is surrounded by thick green cover and is one of the best places to trek. Devarayana Durga is about 80 km from Bangalore and is located in Tumkur district. There’s a beautiful temple on top and the atmosphere is as cool as the place is. It is one of very few trekking places that is within 100 km covered with green. It is a very peaceful place and it is one of the very few places in the South that has a temple of Yoga Narasimha. There are many small lakes and natural springs along the way.

  1. Madhugiri Betta
Madhugiri Betta photos
Madhugiri Betta Karnataka

Madhugiri hills is one of the less crowded hills. It is about 130 km from Bangalore and is located in Tumkur District. Madhugri hills are one of the finest hillocks and it also has a fort built by Hyder Ali. What makes Madhugiri hill best is that it’s a monolithic rock and is also challenging for trekkers especially for the first timers. Trekking can be difficult during the summers as it gets really hot during noon.

  1. Maakalidurga Hills
Makalidurga hills
Mahakali Durga Hill Trek

Maakalidurga hills is located in Doddaballapur and can be called as a mini hill station because of curvy roads and beautiful green view. Maakalidurga hills is about 70 km from Bangalore and it is also one of less crowded hillocks near Bangalore. There’s a temple of Ghati Subramanya which is a famous pilgrimage place within 10 km. Maakalidurga has small lakes surrounding it and is covered with green everywhere. It is one of the best places to trek in any weather.


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