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Ever since Netflix and Amazon Prime came into the picture, TV shows got a new set of life. Before TV shows were limited only for the television, but now, there are so many TV shows, you can watch 1 series every day and still can’t finish all of it. Many shows are couple friendly and can get you to complete the whole series in a day. What’s more to do on a lazy day than being cosy with your partner and enjoying some of the best shows? For those who have doubts about which TV show to watch with your girlfriend or spouse, here are some of the top TV shows that you can watch with your partner.

The Good Place

the good place season 4
The Good Place Cast

The Good Place is a comedy of afterlife in which the story itself is unique. The Good Place ended with its final season releasing in 2020 and has made quite a name for itself among all the comedy shows. The story is that all the people who have died enter a place called The Good Place where different sets of stories take place. There are also small love stories that take place, which you’ll love to watch with your partner. You might find yourself to be in a good mood with your partner after watching The Good Place.


Friends series online
Friends Series

One of the most famous and top-rated TV shows of all time, F.R.I.E.N.D.S comprises 10 seasons and the story revolve around the group of six friends. There are so many love stories in between and the love story between the main characters Ross and Rachel will make you fall in love with your partner all over again. This show is worth watching with your partner and you’ll enjoy even the silliest of jokes even during the serious issues.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn nine nine season 6
Brooklyn Nine Nine Cast

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy that revolves around the cops in Brooklyn, New York. Again a comedy show with a very creative and unique love story. The show was cancelled, but it is making a comeback with season 7 and a lot of craziness. The main characters of the show will give you couple goals of how to enjoy being crazy and also love your partner unconditionally. Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s characters show that it is good to be different and you’ll enjoy with the same amount of craziness around you. You’ll love all the fun episodes and love it even more with your partner.

You’re The Worst

you're the worst season 5
You’re the worst cast

You’re The Worst is one of those shows which gives you an insight and an idea of how life works when you are looking at the lives of your partners in their perspective. The show also gives hope for people who feel they haven’t found love because they are unsuccessful. You’re The Worst revolves around the couple who find love and happiness even when they both of them are unsuccessful in their respective lives. You might start loving your partner even more after watching this show, and it is one of the perfect shows to watch with your partner. You might finish all the 5 seasons within a day if you are binge-watching with your partner.

This Is Us

this is us season 4
This is us Cast

This Is Us is a mix of comedy and family drama that revolves around three siblings who face different life struggles at different parts of their lives. This Is Us shows the importance of a family and the struggles that everyone goes through at different stages of life. There are segments of love stories in between for which you might feel thankful for your partner. Watching This Is Us with your partner or spouse will make you much more of a family person and value your family.

The Vampire Diaries

the Vampire diaries season 8
The Vampire Diaries Cast

For those who don’t love conventional and typical love stories, The Vampire Diaries is for you, especially if you are a fan of vampire stories. The Vampire Diaries is a teenage drama of 8 seasons that revolves around humans and the vampires. If you are missing all your teenage years of enjoying life, The Vampire Diaries can make you feel nostalgic. Also, the love stories now and then can kick in the love within you for your partner. You and your partner can definitely enjoy the show if you are a fan of supernatural things.


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