modi care skin care kit

There are many beauty kits in markets but most of them don’t work the way they should. Many beauty products cause many other skin problems instead of treating the existing ones. Very few works and one of them is Modi Care Kit.

Modi Care beauty kit is a very unique beauty kit that helps to beautify your skin and keep your skin healthy free of all the acne. If you have tried all kinds of beauty products to get rid of acne and still hasn’t found the solution, you should try Modi Care Kit.

Modi Care Kit is one of the very unique skincare products that work magic on your skin. You can get rid of your acne within a few days of using Modi Care Kit. Modi Care Acne Kit provides you with premium skincare by eliminating all your acne and making your skin look naturally beautiful just within a few days of use.

Let’s look at what Modi Care Acne Kit consists of:

Your Modi Care Acne kit consists of Moroccan argon oil, Shloka three in one toner, essential Tea Tree oil, Fruit of the Earth Fairness Gel and a Fruit of the Earth Neem and Rosemary face wash. Read the following guidelines to know how to use this kit for beautiful skin.

  • Moroccan argon oil cleanser face wash:

Moroccan Argon Oil cleanser suits better for people with dry skin. Apply a small drop of cleanser on your hand and rub it all over your face. Leave it for one minute and then rub it off thoroughly using a dry cloth. Your skin will look cleaner and will be fresher than ever.

  • Shloka Toner:

Take a piece of cotton and put a drop of Shloka toner on it. Rub it on your face thoroughly and leave it to dry. Once the toner dries out, you will have younger-looking skin. The toner will also keep your face hydrated so that it doesn’t dry up.

  • Tea Tree Oil:

Before going to bed, apply the essential Tea tree oil on your acne and apply Fruit of the Earth Neem and Rosemary face pack on the acne and leave it to dry all night. Keep applying both till your acne disappears. Within a few days, your face will be acne free.

  • Fruit of the Earth fairness gel:

Fruit of the Earth fairness gel works great on dry skin as it acts as a moisturiser. The gel also works great on sunburns and acne to reduce it.


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