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Lockdown has hit normal life very badly. Everyone is spending their time at home and working from their home. With the scare of Covid-19 taking over, people are scared to come out and spend time outside. With all the major entertainment section of the society such as theatres, malls, pubs and party halls being closed, people are finding it hard to spend time outside. As the situation is getting worse, people are finding new ways to get in touch with new people. That is through dating apps.

Dating apps are becoming a huge hit among single youths who are having a hard time. Socially active people and extroverts are finding it really hard to spend alone time at their houses. Dating apps are coming to their rescue with new features such as virtual dating. Major online dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble and OkCupid reported that ever since lockdown started they have seen a huge surge in the app downloads.

Even the matches in all the dating apps have doubled since lockdown. With this, a new era of virtual dating has started. Some of the apps have bought in special features to help people find their connections easily.

OkCupid has improved the way for people to find what they are actually looking for. Tinder has adapted a passport feature where people can date anyone in the world. Bumble too added a feature by increasing the distance that people can choose their partner from. Now users can choose their connection anywhere in the country. Some of the apps are even putting some online games and questions to keep it entertaining.

Even with so many features and updates, users are not very happy with the experience and want much more features for dating apps to be user friendly. Even with the introduction of new features, many important features can be used only by those who pay. With a lot of competition out there, users feel that the payments are too costly.


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