wierd facts of human body

The human body is as unique as it gets. There are many unknown facts about our body that even scientists don’t know about. Every part of our body has some function. But there are few body parts that don’t have any function at all. Thanks to evolution, our body has undergone so many changes and transformations. Our body is adapted to different environment and weather conditions which is the reason everyone in the world looks different. Let’s look at some of the surprising facts about our body.

According to research, one man out of 300 men are capable of satisfying themselves orally.

There are blood vessels in your body which can surround the Earth 4 times.

Our bones are so strong that they can even break a concrete. It’s assumed that our bones

The amount of salt in our blood is as same as in the ocean.

Our body’s largest is muscle is our buttocks.

Scientific study says that 2 out of 3 people can’t see clearly

Goosebumps are a part of evolution. This was a part of our ancestors to scare off the predators

Did you know that your thumb is very special because they have their own pulse

Even though we all look different, if we compare ourselves on the basis of genetics we are more than 99 per cent identical

Every human has bacteria filled in their body and about 40,000 are found in your mouth.

Our eye is capable of differentiating 10 million types of colours.

It is proven that women live longer than men even if they perform dangerous stunts.

Blue eyed people are more susceptible to pain than others.

Hitting your head on a wall is a great exercise as it can burn up to 150 calories per hour.

Of all the calcium in our body, 99 per cent is in our teeth.

Human beings are unique even in their sleep as we are the only animals to sleep on our backs.

We all get tired sometimes but the only muscle that never gets tired is our heart

If you have higher Intelligence Quotient, you’ll dream a lot more than normal people.

Human fingers have excellent sensing power, so much that we can sense objects as small as 13 nanometres.

Our pinky finger is very important because without it we will lose 50 per cent of our hand’s strength.

On average, it would take at least 6 months for woman’s vaginal muscles to get back to normal after giving birth.


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