nrc - national register for citizenship

National Register for Citizens or NRC is one of the bills that was passed in the parliament to be amended as rule. Ever since the implementation of NRC, there’s been a lot of discussions going on about its necessity and the values that it brings to one’s nationality.
What does NRC stand for and what are it’s rules?
National Register for Citizens is a rule brought up by the government to maintain a register of all its citizens. It

National Register of Citizenship

was first implemented in Assam to dig out all the illegal immigrants. NRC is the brainchild of BJP. With the implementation of NRC, India wants to send all the illegal immigrants back to their country.

Who can be called the citizens of India?
Citizenship act says that all the citizens born in India after 26th January 1950 will be considered Indian citizens.
Also, those who are born on or after the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2003, and both the parents are citizens of India or one of the parents is a citizen of India and the other is a legal migrant.
NRC was first brought in Assam as most of the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and also Rohingya Muslims who fled Myanmar had infiltrated Indian border easily along Assam borders. BJP which had a landslide victory in the general elections had been vocal about implementing both NRC and CAA all over the country to keep illegal immigrants out of the country.

NRC Assam

While no set of rules has been set for the NRC India, a valid proof of citizenship was asked to be submitted for the people of Assam across the state to prove their Indian citizenship.

Why are people unhappy with NRC?
People do not want their citizenship to be questioned as most of them feel they’ve been here for generations. As CAA allows all the minority groups other than Muslims from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan to become Indian citizens, Muslims feel they are targeted which is creating havoc around the country.


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