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Check your horoscope for the date 18-7-20, by Sri Ravi Shanker Guruji

Today is a very good day for performing pooja. Also, you will have a bright future if you are donating food to anyone. Donate at least 3 kg of rice, 1 kg of dal and vegetables, good will happen to you. Donate while praying well for everyone, same will happen to you.

Here is the horoscope for today:

Aries: You don’t have to worry about anything. You will have a good day. Today is the day where you’ll be putting extra efforts on your success.

Taurus: Think twice in your partnership businesses. If you are planning to buy or construct a house, don’t do it in a hurry. Think about it and then do it.

Gemini: You will get into a fight because of your offending tone and language. Stay calm and be careful.

Cancer: You have a good day. But you will have to roam a lot regarding work, family and house. You will also get a little bit of help from your brother.

Leo: You will have to earn a lot. You will put double the efforts but your results are lesser than what your efforts are. Don’t worry about it.

Virgo: Those who involve themselves in a fight, getting hurt or have piles and other health issues, be careful.

Libra: You have to be very careful today. If you are looking into partnerships or starting any work, don’t do it in a hurry. Take your time and think about it. Also, take care of your elders at home.

Scorpio: You have an excellent day. Your efforts won’t go in vain. You will have fruitful results according to your efforts.

Sagittarius: You will have a progressing day. If you are the police or a lawyer, you will have a good day. Take care of your health. You are more prone to infections so be careful.

Capricorn: You will have a very quick day. You’ll be doing double the works. Be careful because you’ll be working at godspeed today.

Aquarius: You have a good day other than your little troubles. You have chances of getting good fame. With fame comes attitude, so don’t be that.

Pisces: If you are looking to buy a vehicle or a house, don’t do it. Try to save the money and you will hear good news. You will get into a small fight with your partner today. Also, be safe while driving a vehicle.

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